How To Make A Scarf Valance

What You'll Need
Fabric (a voile, semi-sheer, is a good choice)
Length of cord
Tape measure
Tailors chalk
Sewing machine
Scarf hooks
Zip ties

Make a scarf valance to dress up a drab looking window. Leaving a window with either a set of blinds or shades can be unappealing, if not downright ugly. Creating a scarf valance can add a bit of enhancement to your window and room, especially when matching the color scheme.

Why buy an expensive scarf valance from a retail outlet when this would make a perfectly good do-it-yourself project. It can save you a lot of money while giving you the satisfaction creating your own. As long as you can use a sewing machine, follow these directions for a successful project.

Step 1–Measurements

Attach three scarf hooks to the window frame where you will hang the valance. Place one in each corner and one in the middle. Drape a piece of cord over the hooks to determine the length of fabric you will need to cut.

Step 2–Add Extra

Add extra inches to accommodate hems and seams. Add one inch for seams on lined scarves and two inches to the top and bottom for hems.

Step 3–Cutting Fabric

Place the fabric on a flat surface for cutting. Fold the material in half. Measure 12 inches from a corner, going inwards on the long side. Using tailor’s chalk and a ruler, draw a line back to the opposite corner to form a triangle. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut the triangle off the fabric.

Step 4–Stitch Sides

Fold from a 1/2 to 1-inch hem on both ends of an unlined scarf, stitch the hems and iron them. If using unlined scarf material, arrange the fabric with the lining, placing right sides together and stitching all four sides. Leave a 20-inch opening on one of the sides. Turn to the right side and iron the material and create a slip stitch across the 20-inch opening.

Step 5–Pleat the Fabric

Place the fabric on a flat surface with the reverse side facing up. Create 4-inch wide pleats across the width of the fabric, making pleats every 20 to 26 inches. Begin at the longer side and end on the shorter one. Place a zip tie at each pleat around the scarf to keep it from unraveling.

Step 6–Insert Scarf

Place the scarf onto the scarf hooks, making sure the short side is facing down and toward the window. Obtain the desired length by gently pulling down the fabric that hangs in front of the window. Make sure you create even ends hanging over the equal lengths.

Step 7–Remove Ties and Arrange Scarf

Once you have equaled out the ends and length, remove all the ties and pull the upper portion toward the hooks. Once you have the scarf valance arranged as you like, secure the pleats with safety pins, hiding them between the pleat folds.

Choosing a length of voile fabric will make an excellent scarf valance.