How to Make a Shrimp Trap

What You'll Need
Sports drink bottle
Sharp knife
Shrimp food

An easy and affordable way to enjoy the delicious taste of shrimp without having to spend so much at the local seafood market is to make your own shrimp trap and catch your own shrimp. What makes it affordable and hassle-free is that you only need a couple of materials found in your home. Keep in mind that catching shrimp requires time, so be patient. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to make a shrimp trap.



Step 1-Wash Sports Drink Bottle

Make sure that your sports drink bottle is empty. In order to thoroughly clean the bottle in preparation for catching shrimp, soak it and wash it in hot water. Using a sports drink bottle or a bottle for Vitamin water is a lot better than using conventional plastic bottles, as sports drink bottles are usually wider. This will provide more space for more shrimp to be collected. If the bottle you use is too narrow, the shrimp will have a hard time fitting, and your catch will not be as abundant.


Step 2-Cut the Bottle

Carefully, cut your sports drink bottle using a sharp knife. Cut the bottle in half at the area 1/3 towards the bottom where you can find the bottle’s tapered area.


Step 3-Cut a Hole in the Bottle

Using your knife again, cut out a hole out of the bottle’s lid. Make the hole big enough for the shrimp to enter, but do not make the hole too big as to allow other unwanted fish.


Step 4-Add Shrimp Food

Purchase shrimp food at your local fishing store or wet market. Add this inside your bottle to serve as bait for the shrimp. Shrimp food is very affordable, and it will be the luring agent in getting the shrimp to approach your trap.


Step 5-Connect Both Parts of the Bottle

Put the lid of the bottle back on. Turn the top part of the bottle upside-down and place the nose of the bottle inside the lower end of the bottle. The lid should rest at an inch from the bottom of the lower end of the bottle.


Step 6-Poke Holes

Carefully take out a sharp pin and poke 2-inch holes at the bottom of your bottle shrimp trap. This will allow the shrimp to enter your trap so that they can feed on the food that you have provided.


Step 7-Wait for Shrimp

 This is where you will have to be patient. It will take from an hour up to two hours for the shrimp to detect your bait and approach your shrimp trap. At around this time, however, you will find shrimp gathered at the bottom part of your bottle. When you collect the shrimp after they are caught, keep an eye out for other small fish that got inside your trap as well. Release these fish back in the water.