How to Make a Slipcover for a Bench Cushion

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Brown paper
Fabric pins
Sewing machine
Velcro with glue back
Thin elastic
Safety pins

A slipcover is a great way for you to change the appearance of a bench cushion. You can create a bench cushion slipcover to match the seasons or for special entertaining needs. While you can buy a bench cushion slipcover at any home or department store, you can save money and make a more personalized result by making one yourself. Follow the simple steps below to make your own bench cushion slipcover.

Step 1 - Make the Pattern

You can either make a slipcover that can be removed or one that is attached. Use the tape measure to determine the width and length of the cushion. Add an extra 2 inches to each to account for seams. When measuring for an attached cushion, make sure you take down the width for the back, front and sides. Figure in an additional inch to the width and length. Transfer your measurements to the paper, and cut it out to make the pattern.

Step 2 - Cutting the Fabric

If your cushion will be detachable, get a piece of fabric that is twice the size of your measurements; if it will be fixed, get fabric that is slightly larger than your measurements. Fold the fabric in half, and pin the paper pattern to it. The shorter measurement should be located on the fabric fold. Cut the fabric along the pattern, and then remove it.

Step 3 - Seams

Adjust the fabric at the fold so one side is 2 inches longer than the other, and then pin the sides. You can now fold the other ends over by ¼-inch and pin. For the attached cushion, you will fold each side over by ½-inch and pin in place. Next, begin at the fold as you sew along each side. Make certain that you sew the fold over each end. You can then turn the slipcover inside out.

For the attached bench cushion, you will sew all around the fabric, but leave the inch stitch-free.

Step 4 - Closure

You'll be left with 2 open ends on the detachable slipcover. On the inside of each end, affix a piece of Velcro. Now, simply slide the bench cushion inside the slipcover and seal it by pressing the Velcro together. If you like, you can hand sew the Velcro in place for added durability.

For the attached bench cushion, you will need to cut a piece of elastic to a length that is the same size as the distance around the cushion. Use a safety pin to attach one end of the elastic inside the slipcover through the open hole. Pull the elastic somewhat tight, and add another safety pin. Continue around the slipcover under the elastic all around, and then sew it in place. Remove the safety pins, and sew the opening closed. You can then slip the slipcover over the cushion and pleat the sides.