How to Make a Snow Globe

A homemade snow globe with trees and glitter in a jar
What You'll Need
Jar with lid or other orb
Distilled water
Spray paint
Ornaments, faux greenery, or figurines

There are quite a few holiday-centric craft ideas out there, but sometimes it can be tough to find one that the whole family can enjoy making together. That’s where DIY snow globes come in. These are easy to make, fun for kids to personalize, and versatile enough to be a festive decoration to add to a mantel, tablescape, or surrounding a beautifully adorned Christmas tree. Below, learn how to make your own snow globe to enjoy season after season.

Step 1 - Gather Your Snow Globe Materials

First, you’ll want to gather the materials you will use to create your snow globe. For several aspects of this project, you have an abundance of options to choose from. For instance, you first need to decide the appropriate vessel to house your globe. Some ideas for these are clear plain ornaments with an opening, baby food jars, mason jars, or even an empty peanut butter jar. Remember that this project provides a great chance to upcycle items around your home.

Another material you need to choose is what will actually go inside your snow globe. This is the chance to get creative! If you’re making a snow globe for your kiddos, consider some figurines of their favorite characters or holiday icons. You can also create snow globes that aren’t holiday-centric that kids will enjoy all year long by filling them with dinosaur, cartoon, or animal figurines.

Small figurines of skiers

If you’re looking to use this for your own holiday decorating purposes, consider mini ornaments such as mini fake trees, holiday figurines, toy cars, or pine cones.

A great way to personal your snow globe is by adding your own printed photos. To do this, simply print the photos you want to use, ensuring they’re the correct size. Laminate them and cut around the border of the image. These look great glued upright to the base of your snow globe surrounded by mini ornaments or faux holiday-themed florals or greenery. This is also a good opportunity to use your holiday-themed photos from this year or a previous one. Once you decide the theme of your snow globe, it’s easier to choose what will go inside it.

Step 2 - Clean Your Globe

Now that you’ve chosen the creative materials, remove any labels from the globe, if applicable. There are several ways to clean off stubborn sticky residue, but vinegar can be an good method for a variety of surfaces.

Step 3 - Prepare the Base

Whatever orb or container you use for the globe will be placed upside down once the snow globe is assembled. With that being said, you’ll want to prepare the cap of the globe to be an attractive base. Consider spray painting this base a festive color and allow it to dry completely.

Step 4 - Affix Inner Items

Hot glue gun with dripping glue on paper

Once the lid is ready, place a bit of glue to the inside of the base and affix desired decor onto the lid so that items are positioned the way you want them to. Consider layering items on top of each other for a more dynamic look. Let the glue dry and ensure that items are secure before moving onto the next step.

Step 5 - Add Glitter to Globe

Now, add some glitter to your globe to give it that shimmery look. If you’re working with a smaller orb, add about a teaspoon. If you’re using a larger jar, add up to a tablespoon of glitter.

Step 6 - Add Water and Glycerin

A handmade DIY snow globe and a star

Fill the jar or container with distilled water until it is mostly full. Then add five to ten drops of glycerin, depending on how large your container is. This will give your glitter a dream-like snowfall affect by preventing it from falling too quickly.

Step 7 - Screw on the Snow Globe's Lid

Carefully place the your decorated lid back on to your container. Ensure it’s tight so that no liquid seeps out as you shake your new snow globe!

It’s as simple as that to create a beautiful snow globe that will look great in your home and will provide years of enjoyment, especially for kids. Since making these is so easy and quick, you may even want to make multiple this season instead of picking between different themes and materials.