How to Make a Stained Glass Fireplace Screen

What You'll Need
Narrow Wood Frames
Colored Glass
Glass Cutter
Hand Gloves
Face Mask
Sanded Grout
Damp Sponge
Liquid Window Cleaner

A stained glass fireplace screen is not only functional as a tool of safety precautions but also a decorative item. It creates a romantic and cozy aura, protects against sparks or ash that might cause a fire and helps shield children and animals away from the fireplace. Available in two basic designs, the folding and single screens, with adjustable hinges and variable compositions, they are an asset to any living room. Follow the simple steps below to make a stained glass screen for your fireplace.

Step 1: Analyze Your Requirements

To begin, determine the dimensions of your fireplace around which the screen will be placed. Add 10 to 12 inches to the actual width and 1 to 3 inches to the height of the fireplace to get the required measurements of your screen. Once that has been analyzed, also determine the location of the screen and the design you like so you can decide how many panels you will need.

Step 2: Work on the Frame for the Window

Once you know the specifications, buy narrow wood frames for the window. See to it that any rough edges are chipped off so that you don’t injure yourself while installing them and they maintain a sophisticated look after installation. You may also explore the possibility of getting them painted as per the colors of your home decor.

Step 3: Work on the Glass

Once the frame for the panel is ready, start working on the glass. Take into account the details of the glass you need and trace the design you want on paper. Use  a glass cutter to cut the glass into the shape you want, and use your hand to break apart the pieces further. For safety purposes, use gloves and a face mask during this process.

Step 3: Put the Glass on the Window

Use glue to paste the pieces of glass you have cut on the window as per your required design. Once that is done, make a mixture of sanded grout with the amount of water recommended on the packaging, and spread it in the places between the pieces. Take safety measures in this step too so as to protect your body from any possible injury or cuts.

Step 4: Wipe the Glass Clean

To remove excess grout present on the glass, use a damp sponge and give it time to settle down (as directed on the packaging). Once the grout is dry, you may clean the glass with a liquid window cleaner and a piece of rough cloth.

Step 5: Attach the Windows

Finally, attach the window panels together using hinges so as to build the panels of your stained glass fireplace screen. The number of panels usually vary from 2 to 4.