How to Make a Steel and Glass Hall Entry Table How to Make a Steel and Glass Hall Entry Table

What You'll Need
Steel (for Frame)
Glass Table Top
Drill Bit
Screws or Bolts
Nuts and Washers
Pliers or Wrench

You can make a stylish and functional hall entry table from steel and glass. Use a tape measure to determine the appropriate size for the table. The following instructions provided are for a basic table, though you can always customize with shelving. There is no need for padding between the glass and the steel.

Step 1: Purchase Materials

Go to a home improvement center to purchase the materials, including steel for the frame and the glass top. Have the glass cut to the dimensions you want based on the size of your entry hall.

Step 2: Assemble the Steel Frame

Start by putting together the base and legs by joining two long sides and two short sides of steel framing. Use a steel bit to drill a hole in the ends of the steel framing. Then form a box frame to serve as the base top for the table.

With the box form fitted, place screws or bolts through the holes and tighten washers and nuts to them, using a pair of pliers or wrench.

Step 3: Attach Legs to the Steel Frame

Drill additional holes into the frame on all sides and at both ends where you will attach the legs to the table. There will be a total of 8 holes. Drill holes into each of the legs of the table, and then line the legs up inside the frame. Fasten them using a pair of pliers or wrench to tighten the screws, bolts and nuts with washers. Turn the table on its legs after attaching the last leg, and check to make sure that the table is level and the correct height.

Step 4: Place the Glass Table Top on the Steel Frame

With the hall entry table upright, place the glass table top on the frame. This will complete the steel and glass hall entry table, which is now ready for use.

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