How to Make a Stone Garden Fountain How to Make a Stone Garden Fountain

What You'll Need
Pea gravel
Hand tamper
Waterproof basin
Underwater pump
3/4-inch diameter PVC pipe
1/2-inch diameter copper pipe
Pipe cutter
Composite board
Utility scissors
Mesh screen
Electric drill
7/8-inch diameter masonry bit
Small flat stones
Large flat stones
Tape measure
White spray paint
Landscapers fabric

There is no doubt that a stone garden fountain is a beautiful addition to any garden area as it will become the focal point of the garden. It may seem daunting building a stone garden fountain but it's quite simple and this article will show you how.

Step 1 - Excavate the Location

Place the basin where you want the stone garden fountain and trace it with the spray paint. Measure the height of the basin adding 2 inches to the total. Dig the hole to this depth removing stones and roots. Tamp down the earth checking your depth constantly. Dig a trench 3 inches deep from the basin to the outlet in a straight line.

In the bottom of the basin hole place carpenters fabric having it up the sides. Add pea gravel on top of the fabric and use the tamper to press it down and even them out. This stops weeds from appearing and keeps the basin from sinking.

Step 2 - Basic Set Up

Cut the PVC pipe to the length of the trench from the basin to the outlet. Push the electrical cord into the PVC pipe and place the pipe in the trench and bury it. Put the pump inside the basin at the center. Cover the basin with mesh and remove a notch for the cord and cut a hole for the pump's threaded outlet. Create a flap at one of the basin where you can remove the pump in case it ever needs to be repaired or replaced.

Step 3 - Cutting and Drilling

Use the pipe cutter to create a section of copper pipe that is 4 inches long and another piece that will be the same height as the stone garden fountain. Cut the composite board into several sections slightly longer than the width of the basin. Drill a hole through the center of each large stone you are using. When you drill make sure you are constantly wetting the stone. This prevents the stones from breaking or the drill bit from getting overheated.

Step 4 - Putting it Together

Attach the copper pipe to the ball valve and then connect this to the outlet on the pump. Place the pump in the middle of the basin and fill it with pea gravel to a depth of two inches. Place the screen over the pipe and the rest of the mesh over the basin. Lay the composite board over the basin so they extend past the edges of the basin.

Carefully fit the large stones over the pipe. Center them and make sure they're balanced. The last stone should extend slightly past the pipe by 1/4 inch.

Add water to the basin so that there is roughly 5 inches of water above the pump. Plug in the cord and turn on the pump to test water flow. Adjust the stones to properly direct the water. Place the small stone on top of the decking.

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