How to Make a Stone Tile Coffee Table

What You'll Need
Sheet of plywood
4 x 4 inch wood posts/ Wrought Iron stand
Tape measure
Wood glue
Wood screw
Screw driver
Tack cloth
Wood paint
Small stone tiles
Tile spacers
Construction adhesive
White Cement

Decorating home with handcrafted stone tile coffee table is a state of art. It is a perfect piece of art that enhances the accent of any room. The table top is constructed from stone tiles that exquisitely blend with the sculpted wrought iron or wooden bottom. Being custom made, you can select from numerous options of vibrant stone tiles and carved bottom sections. Alternatively, you can allow your creative juices to flow and construct this magnificent piece of furniture by yourself and involve active participation of your family. The raw material can be easily purchased from furniture shops and assembled at home. However, one must be patient enough to see through the completion of the furniture, as carving details require careful attention.

Step1: Saw the Plywood for Table Top and Glue Wooden Posts

Depending on the desired height and width of the coffee table, saw the plywood to fit the measurements. The standard height of a coffee table measures between 16 - 21 inches. Next, measure the 4 X 4 inch wooden posts to the desired height and saw four pieces. Glue the posts at the four corners of the table top with wood glue. Once completely dry, secure the table firmly with wooden screws.

Step 2: Prepare the Table for Paint

Remove wood splinters and dust with sandpaper and tack cloth respectively. Paint the entire piece of framework with the choicest shade of wood paint. Allow it to completely dry before coating it the second time.

Step 3: Fix the Stone Tiles

Once the framework is completely dry, its time to get creative! Apply construction adhesive at the back of each stone tile and adhere them atop the table accordingly to the chosen design pattern. Remember to leave space in between each stone tile, employ tile spacers for a uniform look. Once the table top is entirely covered with these red, green, white, blue or multi-colored stone tiles allow the adhesive to dry.

Step 4: Firm Your Creation - Apply White Cement

Apply and press hard the white cement paste into the stone tile spaces. Level out the surface of the tiles and remove the excess mortar with a rag. Brisk away the entire table top with the rag for any residue. Allow the stone tile coffee table to set for 24 hours before flaunting it to your friends, neighbors and family over a cup of coffee!


Similar procedure can be carried out for wrought iron bottoms. You can purchase carved bottoms from a furniture shop and use wood/glass as a base for fixing stone tiles.

Draw the design on the wood/glass base with a chalk/felt pen respectively before laying down the tiles.

Wear protective gloves and paint the framework in well-ventilated surroundings, lest you may suffer respiratory irritation.