How to Make a Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet Part 2

Lead Image for How to Make a Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet Part 2
  • 4-8 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 75-125
What You'll Need
Wooden door
2 hinges
Magnetic latch
Mirror or painted glass
Glass cutter
Drill with bore the width of your jigsaw blade
Edging tool
Mounting screw clamps

Once you have constructed the recess for your surface mount medicine cabinet, attach a door to hide what's inside. Use a mirror or painted glass for the center piece of the door. Once the frame of your cabinet is completed, use it to mount the cabinet door and other mounting hardware and latches. Follow the simple steps below to mount your door.

Step 1 - Measure the Opening

Measure the opening of your surface mount medicine cabinet. Add .5-inches to all measurements so that it will properly cover the cabinet. Cut the board to the size you previously used before. Use an edging tool to cut a fancy edge around it for added flair.

Step 2 - Cut the Hole for the Mirror or Glass

To cut your mirror hole so it properly aligns, leaves 1 to 2-inches all around the door of the surface mount medicine cabinet in order to leave room for the mounting brackets and hinges. Take this measurement and use a drill to bore a pilot hole for the jigsaw blade. Make sure your starter hole is on the inside of your hole measurement.

Use a straightedge to ensure you get a clean and even cut. Simply cut the mirror hole and add .5-inches for a ledge. Your mirror will rest on this recess in your door, and the hardware will hold the glass in place.

Now that the hole is cut for the mirror, use your edging tool to make a ledge around the inside of the mirror hole. Get as close to the mirror's thickness as possible on the depth of your ledge so that it will sit flush.

Step 3 - Mounting Your Door and Mirror

Once all the cuts are done, you can then sand the surface and the edges so that they are smooth. You can add a clear varnish or a stain to bring out the color of the wood, or you can simply paint it to match the room.

Once the door has been prepped and has had time to dry, you can insert your mirror and lock it into place with the glass clamps. Attach your hinges from the inside of the door to the cabinet frame to mount your door. Now you have a fancy handmade cabinet that matches the room's decor. Allow time for stains or paint to dry before mounting it.

Install a door slide bar that mounts on the inside of the medicine cabinet door to your frame to prevent it from being pulled open too far or smashing against the wall. You don't have to mount a mirror in the door; you can install painted glass or a painted mirror with a nice image.