How to Make a Surfboard Headboard

What You'll Need
2 Surfboards
Putty knife
Measuring tape
3 Strips of wood
Screw driver
Art hanging assembly

A surfboard headboard for your bed is an easy way to decorate a room with a touch of summer fun. You can use two surfboards positioned horizontally or placed vertically over your bed. Use old boards that you might have at home or pick them up from a yard sale or thrift shop. Don't worry about the condition they are in or their color, you can make repairs and repaint the boards to compliment your room. 

Step 1 – Finding the Surfboards

If you have surfboards at home that you are no longer using, enlist them for your headboard project. If you do not have any surfboards, check the local newspaper for thrift shops and yard sales in the area where you might be able to find one. You might even check with family and friends to see if they have any they no longer use. 

Step 2 – Repairing and Repainting the Surfboards

Examine your surfboards for any cracks or damage that may need repair. Use the putty knife to apply the plaster to the spots that need to be fixed. Allow the plaster enough time to dry. Use the sandpaper to sand down the plaster until it is smooth. Paint the boards with the color you have chosen in designs that compliment your room. 

Step 3 – Positioning the Surfboards

Decide how you want your boards to be positioned on the wall over your bed, either horizontally or vertically. Use the tape measure to find the combined length when you join the two boards together. Cut a piece of wood in the length you have measured, with your saw.

Step 4 – Joining the Surfboards

Use your screwdriver to secure the boards to the wood with screws. If the surfboards are not made of wood and will not accept screws, use the glue to adhere the board to the wood. Be sure to allow enough time for the glue to dry. 

Step 5 - Positioning the Headboard

Decide where you want to place your new headboard. You may want to consider changing your room around at this time. Once you have decided, measure the wall to find the exact location for the screws that will hold the headboard to the wall. Use a pencil to make a mark on the wall in the two spots. Use your screwdriver to secure a screw into the wall at each location. 

Step 6 - Hanging the Headboard

Screw the art hanging wire hooks at both ends of the wood at the back of the headboard. Secure the one end of the wire wire to each of the hooks. Make sure the wire runs tightly across the back of the boards. Lift the headboard and lower it onto the screws in the wall, making sure the wire is resting securely. 

Step 7 - Placing the Bed

Carefully push your bed so that the head sits right under your new surfboard headboard.