How to Make a Sustainable Living Room Rug How to Make a Sustainable Living Room Rug

One way of improving your level of sustainable living is to make your own living room rug. There are many materials around your home that can successfully be transformed into stylish and unique rugs no matter what your level of experience.

Old Carpet

One of the simplest ways to make a sustainable living room rug is to cut it out of an old carpet or a remnant that you've picked up in a carpet store. Simply trim it down to the size that you want and you're nearly done. However, you'll need to finish off the edges to stop them from fraying. Turn the rug upside down and apply white glue in a border at least 1/2 inch wide around the edge, making sure to coat all of the fibers or foam of the backing material. Leave it to dry for 24 hours, then you are ready to place your rug in the living room.

Recycling Old Fabric

Old jeans and t-shirts are brilliant materials for producing sustainable rugs and offer a wide variety of colors and patterns to fit any living room. You can also use other materials such as bed sheets or curtains. Before beginning to make your rug you should launder all of the fabrics in a hot wash, then dry them on a hot setting to allow the fabrics to shrink. You also need to sort out the fabrics that you will use as using a mixture of fabric texture and thickness can result in a patchy, uneven rug.

Sewing Strips and Squares

A simple technique for rug making is to cut your material into strips or squares of equal length. If you have some pieces that are smaller you can sew them together until they match the required length. Once you have all of the equal pieces ready you simply sew them together along the edges with a sewing machine until you have the required rug size. This method is most efficient for square and rectangular rugs.


Another easy technique for a sustainable rug is to braid long strips of fabric together then sew them into your desired shape. Cut the fabric into strips between 1 and 2 inches wide, then sew them together end to end to make longer pieces. Don't make them too long or they will become more difficult to work with. You will need a supply of strips that is divisible by 3.

Pin or sew 3 of the strips together at one end, then use something heavy to hold them in place while you braid. As you braid the fabric together you can shape it into the design you want before using some strong thread to sew the edges of each braided strip together tightly. If you don't sew tightly enough the rug will not be able to cope with people walking over it and it will begin to unravel.


If you know how to crochet you can use that skill to make your sustainable rug. Form the long strips of fabric as you would for the braiding technique but instead of braiding them together roll them into a ball. Use a single crochet stitch to crochet the fabric into whatever shape of rug you want. When choosing your crochet stitch you should remember that people will be walking over it so some of the more open or lacy stitches may not be suitable.

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