How to Make a Swamp Cooler Hanger

swamp cooler
What You'll Need
2 Cinder blocks
Metal hooks
Tape measure

A swamp cooler is an affordable way to cool a room without using the same amount of energy used with refrigerant air conditioning systems. These units are most often found in areas with dry heat.

Step 1 - Cleaning and Placement

Prepare the area you will hang the cooler by cleaning it well. The swamp cooler should be installed in or near a window. Place cinder blocks under the window and use a level to ensure they are evenly placed.

Step 2 - Attach the Chain

A chain will be attached to the back of the cooler and the side of the house. You may need a friend to help you hang the chains in the appropriate area. Mark the spot where the chain will be placed and attach your metal hooks. Run the chain from the hooks, and attach the other end to the swamp cooler with more hooks.

Step 3 - Test for Weight

Once the hanger is ready, you need to be sure it can withstand the weight of the cooler when it's filled with water. Do not stand under the unit as you fill it. Fill the unit slowly to ensure the hanger is stable.