How to Make a Tea Light Holder for Your Bathroom

A tea light holder is a great way to protect the tea lights, but the holders may also add individuality to these small sources of light that can also represent pieces of décor. If you want to make tea light holders for your bathroom, you have to consider the fact that this room is moist. Metallic cans are often used as tea light holders, but these will be prone to rust, so you must look for more practical ideas, such as jars.

You Will Need:

  • Baby food jars
  • Cleaner
  • Nail polish remover
  • Wire scrub brush
  • Glass paint
  • Clear waterproof construction adhesive glue
  • Plastic craft wire
  • Beads or other decorative items

Step 1 – Clean the Jars

Obtain empty baby food jars, which are ideal for a moist environment and will not deteriorate when kept in the bathroom. Remove the lids and clean the jars, making sure to remove the labels. Some labels may come off easily, while others will require additional scrubbing, depending on the glue used by the manufacturer. Use a wire scrub brush. If there are stubborn areas of glue remaining on the jars, use nail polish remover to eliminate them.

Step 2 – Paint the Jars

Dry the jars you want to transform into tea light holders and then choose various colors of glass paint. You may divide the jars into several sections and paint each section in part. Alternatively, you may paint each jar in a solid color. Make sure the paint is evenly distributed on the jars that you paint. You may apply several coats, until you obtain the desired opacity. You may also use patterns to apply various designs on your tea light holders. Make sure the ground paint is completely dry before you start applying the patterns.

Step 3 – Decorate the Jars

After the paint is completely dry, you may decorate the jars. Use beads, small shells or other decorative pieces. Apply them in a pattern you choose, but make sure you use clear waterproof construction adhesive. Regular glue may be an impractical choice, as the bathroom is a moist environment and the decorations can easily fall off.

Step 4 – Hang the Jars

The jars may be placed alongside your bathtub, but you may also hang the jars in your bathroom. If you choose to hang the tea light holders, use plastic craft wire, which will not be prone to rust. Measure the circumference of the jar’s opening and double this number. Add 2 more inches and cut the wire. Wind the wire beneath the top rim of the jar twice. Twist the ends of the wire together.

Measure the length you desire for the tea light hangers and cut the wire. Bend the wire to create a hanger. Attach the hanger to the wire that goes around the jar in two opposite sides. Twist and secure the wire.

Check if the hanger holds the jar. Insert the tea light and hang the jar in your bathroom.