How to Make a Teak Patio Table How to Make a Teak Patio Table

What You'll Need
Teak Planks
3-inch and 4-inch Decking Screws
Wood Stain
Paint Brush

A teak patio table is a functional and beautiful piece of home furniture. Constructing a teak patio table yourself is a moderately simple task. The table would primarily require a teak top, which can be found at your nearest home improvement store. Here are the steps to create a teak patio table to complement your home decor.

Step 1: Purchase and Assemble the Material

For this project you will require teak boards with a 4 to 6 inch width and a thickness of about 2 ½ inches. This will be used to construct your table’s top and several other similar planks of teak to fit over the top. You will also require four table legs that will serve as the foundation for the frame of your table. You may construct these legs by yourself or purchase decorative versions available at the local home improvement store.

Step 2: Build the Top Frame

Next is to assemble the planks. Join the four respective sides of the top frame like you would if you were constructing a box and use L brackets or 3-inch decking screws to hold the sides steadily together. The screws can be applied with the help of a drill and screwdriver. See to it that the 4 to 6 inch boards are facing out and can effectively serve as your top frame’s sides with the aid of support boards implanted every 15 to 16 inches of the planks’ width. Once the top has been constructed and assembled, use sandpaper to smooth any possible roughness down.

Step 3: Fasten the Legs

The four legs of your table should now be placed at the four respective corners of your top and fastened together with the help of L brackets or 4-inch decking screws.

Step 4: Finishing Touches

To increase the durability of your table once the top and legs have been fastened, apply wood stain to the entire construction to prevent possible damage or prompt wear and tear. Apply stain with a paint brush. Allow the wood to dry for about 24 hours. Application of a wood sealer once a year is also an excellent recommendation if you want to preserve and maintain your table’s aesthetic appeal for a fairly long period of time.


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