How to Make a Temporary Shower Enclosure

What You'll Need
Shower curtain with a nice design
Curtain rods
Bonding adhesive
Hook screws

Simply adding a temporary shower enclosure can make a big difference to your entire shower room. It is really very relaxing to take a shower if your bathroom has a nice and pleasant look. The atmosphere helps relieve your stress while taking your time dipping yourself into the tub. But it would be more calming if you can make your shower a bit more private. Doing this will not really need a major bathroom renovation. If you are curious of how to do it, then read the rest of this article for some easy-to-do tips on how to make one.

Step 1:  Installing the Rods

Using a drill, make some holes on your ceiling for your hook screws. This only works for those bathrooms that have low ceiling which can easily hold up shower curtains. Remember you are only installing a temporary one so you can always remove this if you want to have a permanent enclosure. These screws will hold the curtain rods which will be used to carry the shower curtain. Measure the distance between these screws. Make sure they are far enough to strongly hold the rods. It will depend on how you are going to position the enclosure; either you create a circular one or a simple rectangular box.

Step 2:  Inserting the Screws

Now that you can slowly insert the hook screws in the holes that you made and be sure that they are inserted properly. When you buy your hook screws, choose those that are made of thick metal. They should be able to hold the rod and the entire shower curtain. So do not pick those that can only hold a picture frame.

Step 3 - Putting the Shower Curtain

When all the hooks are set, you can now hang the shower curtain to the rods. The design of the shower curtain plays an important role in the entire look of the bathroom. Choose a style that would match with your theme. Although this enclosure is just temporary, make sure that you choose a shower curtain that is long lasting. 

Step 4 - Placing the Curtain Rod

When you bought a circular rod, you can easily insert it to the hooks that you installed awhile ago. But if you wanted to create a simple one, just enough to cover your tub, then you will need 2 to 3 rods depending on the position of your bathtub and shower. When you choose the kind of rod, be sure to look at the size of the hook screws if they can fit when you put them on. And if they have extra space so you can adjust the rods if you need to do so. Keep in mind that the rods should be durable enough to carry the shower curtains.

Step 5 - Applying Adhesive

Put some bonding adhesive on the wall to attach the curtain on it. This will prevent the curtain from moving and will seal those small openings on both sides. Some homeowners fail to do this and thus they kept on pulling the curtain towards the end to close the tiny openings.