How to Make a Tiered Plant Stand How to Make a Tiered Plant Stand

What You'll Need
Hard Wood
Threaded Shafts
Threaded Spindles
Measuring Tape
Screwdriver Heads for Drill
Wood Screws

A tiered plant stand is an easy way to hold multiple house plants in one area. This is a great way to add green space to any room, or to make better use of outdoor space with planters. With a tiered plant stand, you can place these plants anywhere you want the focus to be on your greenery. They are easy to make and are inexpensive, and most home improvement stores will have all of the simple materials needed.

Step 1- Gather Supplies

Most of the necessary supplies should be available at your local home improvement store. Though this project calls for wood, however you can choose to purchase an aluminum or metal border to help protect the wood. You may also consider using glass shelves in the tiers that are held in place by the wood if you so desire.

Step 2- Create A Base

Cut a circle 15 inches in diameter from one of the pieces of wood. This will be used as the base for your tiered plant stand. Using a harder wood such as cherry is a good idea, as it will be more sturdy in the long run. This will also be handy if you choose to use glass or metal, as they are heavier. Next, drill a hole in the  center of the base and thread one of the spindles through it. Be sure to thread the spindle tightly.

Step 3- Build The Shelves

With the remaining hard wood that you cut the base from, cut two more circles; each between 6 and 8 inches wide. You can also leave a small rectangular handle on each as a way to lift the tiered plant stand once it is finished. Next, drill a hole in the center of each circle, as well as on the edge of each rectangular handle.

Step 4- Assembly

Take a threaded shaft of wood and screw it into the top of the holder. Slide the plant tiers you created in step 3 over the shaft and use a spindle to securely screw them in place. If done properly, the tiers should be somewhat adjustable by sliding them up and down the shaft.

Step 5- Finishing

This is the step where the metal of glass comes into play. Sheet metal can be bent around the circles to form a protective covering. If you do not want to work with sheet metal, you can apply stain or paint to the surface of the wood. If placing the tiered plant stand outside it is best if you use a type of sealing stain in order to protect the stand from the elements. Allow plenty of time to dry before placement.

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