How to Make a Tile Fireplace Surround Part 2 How to Make a Tile Fireplace Surround Part 2

What You'll Need
Grouting caulk
Prepared tiles
Tile spacers

In the first part of making a tile fireplace surround, you cleaned the fireplace, and cut and prepared the tiles which you would be using on the surround. The tiles should now be ready to be installed onto the surround itself, either over already existing tiles, or as a completely new layer. When you are ready to begin installing the tiles, you should take care to follow all of the instructions closely, and make sure that everything is kept as clean as possible when you come to install it.

Step 1 - Fitting the Tiles

While the mortar on the surface of the tiles is drying, you should begin to lay mortar on the surface of your fireplace. This will hold the tiles in place, but it dries very quickly, so if you are tiling over a large area, you should consider only placing a small amount of mortar on part of the fireplace, and then building up the tile fireplace surround through a process of mortar-tile-mortar-tile. You should spread your mortar with the trowel so that it goes into all of the crevices on your fireplace, and you may also want to press the mortar into any parts which seem to have larger gaps, so that you end up with an even and layered surface.

Step 2 - Adding the Tiles

Take one of the tiles, and fit it at the base of the surround. Take a spacer, and place it next to the tile. Fit the next tile so that you have around a one sixth of an inch between each tile, and proceed until you have laid tiles over all of the mortar so far applied. Press the tiles into the mortar, and hold down until they dry. Carry on until you have laid all of the tiles that you want to for this surround. Leave them all to dry, which may mean leaving them overnight.

Step 3 - Remove the Spacers

Once you are ready, return to the set tiles, and carefully remove the spacers from the gaps between each tile. You may find that you need to use a screwdriver or similar item in order to get the spacers out without damaging the mortar surrounding it. Place all of the spacers together, and make sure that you have removed every single one, as they are easy to overlook until it is too late to remove them.

Step 4 - Add Grouting

Once the spacers have been removed, you should add a layer of grout. The gaps left by the spacers are the ideal place to put the grout, so slide it in using an application nozzle or trowel. Once you have finished installing the grout, wipe away all of the surplus using your sponge and bucket of water from part 1. Leave the grout to dry completely.

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