How to Make a Travel Drum Case

What You'll Need
1 inch foam rubber
Sewing machine
Tape measure

If you’re going to travel with a drum kit you need a drum case for each drum. You can buy these, but you can also make your own. These will be much cheaper and if done properly give god protection. You’ll need to be able to use a sewing machine for the job. The drum case will be soft sided, but made of canvas with foam inside for good protection.

Step 1 - Measuring

Start by measuring the drum that needs a drum case. It’s important that you don’t just measure the circumference and depth of the drum itself, but of the drum and its hardware. This will allow the drum to fit comfortable within the case and for the case to close easily. The circumference should be the same on each side of the drum. By measuring both sides you’ll have a check on the numbers.

Step 2 - Materials

For the outside of the drum case you need you use good quality canvas. It should be malleable enough for you to sew it easily but also strong enough so that it won’t rip easily. Use 1 inch foam rubber on all the surfaces inside the drum case. This will compress enough around the hardware put still push again and protect the drum skins and shell.

Step 3 - Sewing

For the sewing you’ll need to use a sewing machine and heavy duty thread that won’t split under heavy use (remember, for a travel drum case it will receive heavy use). Begin by making the surround for the drum case. Heave a piece of canvas that’s 1 inch longer then the circumference of the drum. Sew it so it makes a circle. You’ll have the 1 inch overlap to have a strong seam. After this you should add one of the sides, with the canvas cut in a circle that’s the same as the circumference of the drum. Make sure that the stitching is strong all around.

Step 4 - Foam Rubber

Have foam rubber that’s cut as wide as the side of the drum case. Apply glue to the inside of the drum case and put the foam rubber in place, pressing until it’s firmly in place. It’s especially important that the foam rubber is firmly bonded at the edges. After this, cut a circle of foam rubber that’s 1 inch smaller than the circumference of the drum case. Apply glue to the inside bottom of the drum case and push the foam rubber in place. It should fit snugly with the rest of the foam rubber.

Step 5 - Lid

The drum case still needs a lid that can open and close easily so you can remove the drum. Cut a circle of canvas that’s the same size as the circumference of the drum. Turn the drum case inside out. Have a zipper that’s as long as the circumference of the drum. Sew one side of the zipper to the drum case (by sewing on the inside the stitching won’t show) and the other to the lid. Check the zipper to make sure it works. To finish, cut a circle of foam rubber 1 inch smaller than the lid and glue in place.