How to Make a Twin Size Car Bed for Your Child

What You'll Need
2 sheets of plywood measuring 1/2 inch x 36 inches x 80 inches
2 beams measuring 2 inches x 4 inches x 39 inches
2 beams measuring 2 inches x 4 inches x 72 inches
1/2 inch-long wood screws
3-inch-long wood screws
Rough sandpaper
Fine grit sandpaper
White paint
Jig saw
Colored markers
Embellishments like sticker decals
Computer or laptop
Computer projector
Twin size mattress
Side plates

A car bed is any little boy’s dream. Instead of feeling like it’s a chore to go to bed at night, he will be excited to imagine himself racing in a speedy car before going to sleep. Even if you are not an expert in carpentry, you can create your child’s dream car bed with a little creativity and some help from this step-by-step guide.

Step 1 – Sand and Paint

Get one sheet of plywood. Sand both sides with rough sandpaper. After that, use a fine grit sandpaper to smoothen the surface further. Paint both sides with white paint. Wait for the paint to dry thoroughly.

Step 2 – Look for a Car Template

Get a profile image of a car that you would want to use as a model for your child’s car bed. There are many free image bank sites where you can go for this purpose. Download this image file into your computer.

Step 3 - Set up the Projector

Do it in such a way that the image will be projected on its 80-inch side. Make sure that the image is at least 75 inches wide so that it can accommodate the bed length. Using a colored marker, draw the projected image on the plywood sheet. If you have great drawing skills, you can add intricate details about the car. If not, you can use little detail as long as you get the shape of the car right.

Get the other sheet of plywood and repeat the entire process to complete the bed’s other side.

Step 4 – Cut the Car Shape

Use a jig saw to cut out the shape from the plywood sheets so you can start with the assembly of the frame.

Step 5 – Assemble the Frame

Attach one 72-inch beam on the unpainted side of one plywood sheet. Make sure that it runs parallel to the panel length. It should be 12 inches from the bottom edge. Screw the panel in place using 6 pieces of ½ inch wood screws. See to it that they are evenly spaced and that they are driven thoroughly through the plywood into the beam. Repeat this step for the other plywood.

Step 6 – Connect the Panels

To do this, you need to set up a 39-inch beam so that it would touch one end of the two 72-inch beams. Secure them in place with the 3-inch wood screws per joint. They should be driven through the 39-inch beam and into the edge of the 72-inch beam. Repeat this step for the other ends of the 72-inch beams.

Step 7 – Finish the Bed

Paint the surface with your child’s preferred color. Then slide the box spring in place. Put a mattress on top. Add decal embellishments on the car surface.