How to Make a Upholstered Headboards

What You'll Need
Jig saw
Staple gun
Tape measure
1/2 " plywood
Batting or fiberfill
Upholstery fabric
2 inch foam

Making your own upholstered headboard can be a lot of fun. You can let you imagination run wild and create almost anything you want as long as your skill with a jig saw is up to the task. Even if you cannot use a jig saw you can still have fun making your own upholstered headboard. You will just need to stick to a plain shape. You can usually get someone at the hardware store to cut the wood for you for free but they will not do any fun shapes. You will have to use your creativity on decorations and fabric instead. For information purposes this tutorial will use a basic rectangle shape.

Step 1: Measure

Measure the width of your bed to determine how wide your upholstered headboard will be. Decide how tall you want it to be and write the measurements down.

Step 2: Shop

When you go to the hardware store for the plywood, if you are using a basic shape they will usually cut the wood for you free of charge.

The fabric shop can help you choose a fabric to upholster your headboard with. Before you get the material you will need to add 12 inches to your headboard measurements so you can wrap the material around the wood.

Step 3: Cut the Wood

If you have decided on a different shape then a simple rectangle you will need to use your jig saw to cut the wood yourself. Use your pencil to trace the shape you have chosen onto the wood to make cutting easier. You may want to use a large sheet of craft paper to draw your design first and hang it on the wall to see what it will look like when complete. You can use the paper as a template for cutting the wood also.

Step 4: Cut the Foam

Lay the foam on the floor and place the wood on top of it. Trace the wood onto the foam with a marker.  You can use a utility knife to cut the foam around the wood. Be careful not to cut the floor.

Step 5: Add Your Coverings

Lay your chosen material face down on the floor. Then lay the foam over top of that and the batting on top of that like a sandwich. Set the wood on top of it all. Make sure everything is straight.

Step 6: Attach the Material to the Wood

Attach your fabric to the wood. Fold the cloth over the edge of the plywood and staple it in place along one side. Then pulling gently, attach it to all of the other sides. You will want to make it tight but do not pull too hard or it will be crooked.

Step 7: Check

Turn your project over and see what it looks like. You can decorate it any way you choose. To make it a tufted look you simple use the stapler to place dimples where you want them and use fabric glue to adhere cording to hide the staples or use buttons. Your upholstered headboard is now complete.