How to Make a Violin Case

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Foam rubber

Every violin needs a violin case. It’s a delicate instrument that needs to be protected, especially if you’re taking it somewhere. You can buy a violin case or make your own if you know how to use a sewing machine. It’s not a complex procedure and you’ll have a good, padded gig bag type of case.

Step 1 - Measuring

Measure the length and width of your violin, and follow that by the depth of the instrument, including the bridge and strings. Cut 2 rectangles of canvas that ate 1/2 inch larger on all sides that the length and width of the instrument. These will form the top and bottom on the violin case.

Now cut a length of canvas that is 1 inch wider than that depth of the violin and 1 inch longer than the measurement of the sides of the canvas you’ve cut.

Step 2 - Sewing

To start making the violin case you need to sew one edge of the long, thin piece of canvas to the canvas that will be the bottom of the case. Use a sewing machine and heavy thread for security. As you finish going all the way around you’ll have an overlap on the canvas that will be the side of the case. Sew this down so it overlaps.

Step 3 - Foam Rubber

Cut a piece of foam rubber that’s the same size as the bottom of the violin case. Dry fit it and trim where needed. Put glue on the canvas in the violin case and press the foam rubber in place. Now cut another piece that extends up the sides to just below the top of the canvas-leave a space of about 1/2 inch at the top. Glue it in place.

Step 4 - Lining

To protect the finish of the violin you’ll need to put a lining in the violin case. Use silky material or velvet, cut and glued in place over the foam rubber. It’s fine to have the material rucked, but try to avoid cutting or seams. Set aside to dry and fit the violin into the case. It should be snug enough around the body to stay in place.

Step 5 - Bow

You need somewhere for the violin bow. Cut a piece of canvas that’s as long as the bow and sew it on three sides to the outside of the canvas that will be the violin case lid, leaving one small side open. Cut another small piece of canvas to act as a flap and sew to the lid above the pocket you’ve created. Apply Velcro so the flap can open and close. Glue foam rubber and material to the inside of the lid, leaving a ½ inch gap around the edges.

Step 6 - Zipper

Turn the body of the violin case inside out and sew the zipper in place around the rim. When it’s secured, sew the other side of the zipper to the lid of the violin case and check it opens and closes easily. Your violin case in complete. For carrying, add a canvas strap so it can be slung over the shoulder.