How to Make a Wagon Wheel Chandelier

What You'll Need
Wagon wheel
Mason jars (6 to 8)
Lamp retainer (6 to 8)
Lamp adapter (6 to 8)
Hurricane lamp globes (or something similar, 6 to 8)
Heavy duty chain (from 7 to 10 meters)
Heavy duty ceiling hooks
Some chain S hooks
Extension cord
Light Bulbs (60 watts normally)

A wagon wheel chandelier gives an authentic rustic look to any rustic themed room. It is becoming very popular to re-use a wagon wheel to create a chandelier. If you want, you can buy a wagon wheel chandelier from a specialty lighting store, but it can be expensive. If you don’t want to spend that much money, why not try to build it yourself? This article will show you how to recycle a wagon wheel and transform it into an authentic rustic chandelier.

    Step 1: Mason Jars

    The mason jars will be used as the lamps on top of the wheel. The bigger the wagon wheel, the more mason jars you will need. Establish how many jars you will need before purchasing any. Fix the wagon wheel in a workable position. Place the mason jars on the wagon wheel at the end of a spoke. Distribute them equally. Mark the spot where they will be fixed, and set them aside for now. 

    Step 2: Attaching the Retainers

    Place the retainers on the wagon wheel. Drill some holes to fix the retainers. Screw them in tightly. Now, fold the metal tabs (found in the middle of the retainers) down over the rim of the wagon wheel. These will be used as holders for the mason jars. 

    Step 3: Adapters and S Hooks

    Fix the lamp adapters onto the top part of the mason jars. Screw it in tightly. The open top of the Mason jar is where the bulb will go. Clip the S hooks on the rim of the wheel (next to every Mason jar). The S hooks will be used to hold the chain.

    Step 4: The Ceiling Hook

    Follow the manufacture’s instruction carefully when installing the ceiling hook. Now, measure how long the wagon wheel will hang. Cut the chain at that length. Repeat this process for every light on the wagon wheel.

    Step 5: Attaching the Wagon Wheel

    Next, attach one end of the chain to the S hooks, whilst the other end is to be attached to the ceiling hook. Repeat the process for every chain. At this point, it is advisable to ask someone to help you hold the wagon wheel. Make sure that the wagon wheel chandelier is level. Place a mason jar onto each lamp retainer. Place a light bulb into every lamp adapter, and fix the globes onto each lamp adapter. 

    Step 6: The Electric Cord

    Now, place the electric cord through the chain, and plug each electric cord into the extension.

    As you can see, it’s not that difficult to construct a wagon wheel chandelier, and you will save a lot of money. However, always ask a professional if you are unsure of what to do.