How to Make a Wall Fountain

What You'll Need
Cement backboard
2 by 4 lumber
Shovel or post hole digger
Small flat river stones
Water Pump
Flexible tubing that fits pump outlet
Plastic Basin
Wood screws
Skill saw

You can build a wall fountain for your garden or landscaping project that will enhance the serenity of the property, while at the same time adding great value. The sound of running water is a natural relaxation technique that can calm heart rates, soothe stress and even decrease blood pressure.

Building a wall fountain is a challenging project, but you can build one with a few steps and a weekend of work.

Step 1-Locate Place for Wall Fountain

A wall fountain will look great against a fence or the wall of a shed. You will want to make sure that you are near an outdoor outlet and that the ground is level and free of any obstructions or roots.

Step 2-Dig Two Holes for 2x4 Frame

Mark positions 2 1/2 feet apart on the ground next to the fencing or shed wall, and dig two holes about 8 inches deep. They do not have to be wide as you are only going to place one 8 foot 2 by 4 in each hole. Use a level and make sure they're standing straight up. Screw into the wall and fill in the hole around each piece of lumber.

Step 3-Attach Cement Backer Board

Use a skill saw with a carbide tip and cut the cement backer board down to a 5 by 3 foot sheet. Install the cement board to the 2 by 4s with cement screws.

Step 4-Apply the River Rock

River rock makes a great backing for a fountain as it is highly durable and withstands weather very well. Mix the mortar according to the package directions and spread over the backer board with the trowel. Set the river rock in the mortar and twist it for a stronger bond. Mix the grout and spread over the surface, forcing it in the space between the rocks. Before the grout can dry completely, wipe it off the rocks with a sponge.

Step 5-Dig Hole for Plastic Reservoir

Dig a hole a few inches into the ground as a stabilizer for the plastic water reservoir. This should be as close to the wall as possible. Place the basin in the hole.

Step 6-Assemble Pump and Tubing

Place the water pump in the bottom of the basin and connect the water tube with a hose clamp. Thread the tube up alongside the rock and drape around the top of the rock wall. Attach a fountain release head to the top of the tube and secure it to the top of the wall.

Step 7-Fill Basin with Stones

With some different size stones, fill the bottom of the plastic basin. Place some larger rocks on top of the pump to keep it submerged and hidden from view.

Step 8-Fill with Water and Turn Pump On

Begin filling the basin with water. Once the water gets above the inlet valve on the pump, plug it into a wall outlet. Once the water begins circulating, finish filling the basin with water. Add some plants around the outside of the basin, and along the side of the rock wall.