How to Make a Winch Bumper in 8 Steps

What You'll Need
Wall steel flat stock in different measurements
Wall steel tubing
MIG welder
Drill press
Metal drill bits
Tape measure
Torpedo level
Nuts and bolts
Open-end wrench set
Grinder with metal cut-off wheel
Tubing notcher
Permanent marker

Having a winch bumper can be very useful if you’re always going on off-road adventure trips on your Chevy truck or any other truck for that matter. They come in handy if one of your partners in your off-road caravan gets stuck somewhere and needs to get pulled out. There are a lot of places selling winch bumpers now, specific to the model and make of your car but building one yourself, however challenging it is, can prove to be a rewarding activity for the adventure lover inside you. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you with the basics of building a winch bumper. 

Step 1 – Remove the Stock Bumper 

Unbolt the stock bumper from the truck and take it off. The bolts of the bumper cover are located on the inside of the bumper cover. Use the ratchet to easily unbolt them.  

Step 2 – Make a Cardboard Template for the Bumper Bracket 

Cut out a 6x6 cardboard piece and hold it where the stock bumper was before you removed it. Using a permanent marker, mark on the template the places where the bolts holes will be. 

Step 3 – Make the Bumper Bracket 

Place the 6x6-sized cardboard template on the larger Steel flat in the center and drill holes in it. This steel will be your bumper bracket. Mount the bumper bracket to the bumper frame now. Secure it tightly. 
Step 4 – Tack Weld Tubing to the Bumper Bracket 

Tack Weld the tubing so that it is a temporary weld and can be removed when required.  

Step 5 – Tack Weld Winch Mount to the Tubing and mount the Winch 

After tack welding on several points between the tubing and the winch mount, temporarily mount the winch on it using the ratchet. Do not weld at one point for too otherwise it will form a strong weld and will not be able to come off if you need to re-adjust some parts. 

Step 6 – Cut Small Pieces of Tubing 

These small pieces of tubing will be placed in between the long tubing and the winch and will make the top and bottom bumper pieces, parallel to the main tubing. These small tubing pieces will add extra support. After you’ve cut them (around 2 inches), weld them to the tubing and winch.  

Step 7 – Unbolt the Winch 

After the tack welding is done, unbolt the bumper bracket from the winch. Take the winch and keep it to the side.  

Step 8 – Finishing the Bumper 

Weld the entire bumper now making every joint as strong as you can. You can add more vertical supports between the top and bottom bumpers now if you like and keep welding them together.