How to Make a Winch Cover

What You'll Need
Velcro strips
Elastic strips
Safety pins
Marine fabric

A winch cover will protect your winch from the harsh conditions it gets exposed to. Winches are not cheap, and a cover can prolong the life of the equipment. With a few materials and about an hours time you can create your own cover.

Step 1 - Take Measurements

Measure the widest part of the winch and jot down the circumference. A simple way to do this is to take a piece of rope and wrap it around, then measure the rope. You also need the measurements for the width of the winch at it's widest point. Add 3 inches to each of these measurements.

Step 2 - Cut the Fabric

You will need a circle cut for the circumference, and a rectangle for the width.

Step 3 - Create the Rectangle

Fold one edge of the rectangle two times and iron it flat. Use a simple top stitch to create an edge. Leave an opening large enough to slide the elastic through. You can use a safety pin to pull the elastic through. Now fold the vertical ends twice and iron these flat. Top stitch this as you did earlier. Stitch the Velcro strips on the bottom corners of the finished edge.

Step 4 - Create the Circle

Now line up the unfinished edge of the rectangle with the edge of the circle piece. The edges of the rectangle should come together. Pin it in place with the safety pins and stitch around to create the top of the cover. Every inch of stitching you should create a pin tuck. This will create the shape you need. You're ready to use the cover.