How to Make a Wind Turbine that Detects Low Wind How to Make a Wind Turbine that Detects Low Wind

What You'll Need
PVC pipe
PVC pipe adhesive
PVC couplers
Car alternator
Empty soda bottle
Drill bits
Tape measure
Zip ties
12x6 plastic cutting board

If you want to supplement your electrical service then you can make a wind turbine. Green technology is on the rise and more and more people are using wind turbines. Windmills are often ugly and huge but now they are streamlined. The hardest part is connecting the turbine to your home. If you live in an area that suffers from low wind you can still make a wind turbine and the article below will show you how.

Step 1 – Prepare the Alternator

Use an alternator from an older car because it still has a disc in the front. Attach a drill bit the same size as the current screw holes. Create an extra set of holes between the original set and the axle.

Step 2 – Make the Blades

You want to create three blades when make a wind turbine. To pick up wind in an area where there is little air movement this will be done slightly differently. Cut PVC pipe in half lengthwise using 2 5-feet long pieces. Once the pipes are cut; draw a line end to end on the inside of the pipe from corner to corner. Cut the pipe along this line as straight as possible. You will wind up with 4 very long and thin curved triangles. Normally you would trim the scoop section down but since you want to pick up low wind you want to keep them curved. At the wide end of each blade drill 2 bolt holes.

Step 3 – Attach the Blades

Install the bolts to the drilled holes on the alternator. Place each blade around the axel so that they are radial to the center. You want the largest scoop to be facing toward the sky and not toward the pole so that the wind can catch it and turn it. Thread the blades to the bolts back to the front and attach nuts and tighten. Sand the edges of the blades smooth and create a sharper point.

Step 4 – The Pole

When you make a wind turbine pole it needs to be as tall as or taller than the home. Use wider PVC pipe at the bottom and going smaller as you reach the top. Attach the pieces of pipe using couplers and PVC adhesive. You will need to create a concrete base as well.

Step 5 – Nacelle

This covers the alternator and is made from the soda bottle. Cut the bottom off and slide it over the alternator. Trim it so it fits and attach with zip ties.

Step 6 – The Tail

Draw a line that is 6-inches across the plastic cutting board and 2-inches down the edge. Taper the line slightly and cut it out.

Step 7 – Assembly

You will attach the blade section to the smallest PVC pipe so that it rotates fully. The tail is attached to the alternator plate behind the blades. Do not install until an electrician can run the wiring for you to the home.

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