How to Make a Wood Chair Mat

A chair on wood.
What You'll Need
Plastic mat
8-inch wood interlocking laminate flooring (7 or 8 pieces)
Glue for wood
Liquid nails
Rubber mallet
Router and router bit for edge trimming
Hand saw or table saw
2 Clamps
3 to 4 foot molding (optional)

A wood chair mat is used to protect your wood or laminate flooring from the damage that can be done by a chair scraping across the floor or to ease the movement of a chair on wheels on the carpet. If you would like to have something other than the commonly used plastic mat, you can make your own version using wood. A chair mat made of wood will last much longer than a plastic mat and will also serve as a decorative addition to an office.

Step 1 - Assemble

Once you have gathered together all the tools and supplies that you will need for the project you will be ready to start.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions on how the pieces of interlocking laminate flooring are to be put together. You will be completing one additional step when putting your pieces together. You will place a bead of wood glue on the lip of the strip that will interlock with the first board before you put them together. Snap the two pieces together using the rubber mallet if necessary, make sure that they are aligned accurately then put a weight on the joint so for a few minutes to make sure that the two pieces stick together flat.

Repeat this process with six pieces to make the size you need for the floor mat.

Step 2 - Add a Decorative Touch

Turn the remaining laminate board over, measure and mark the center lengthwise. Using the table saw or hand saw, cut along the centerline to split the board into two pieces. Be careful that the laminate board does not splinter while cutting it in half.

Using the wood glue, glue one of the two pieces of laminate flooring to one end of the floor mat you created and the other half to the other end. Place it on a flat surface with a weight that will hold it down flat until the glue dries.

Step 3 - Use a Router

Turn the entire mat upside down. Using a router, you will want to remove any of the interlocking edges that are visible.

Step 4 - Measure

Measure the length and width of the widest areas of the plastic mat. Next, measure the length and width of the narrowest areas of the plastic mat. Measure and mark these dimensions on the underside of the wood chair mat that you assembled.

Using the router, remove the excess pieces as indicated in the measurements above so that the wood mat will resemble the plastic mat in size when finished.

Step 5 - Finish

Apply a layer of Liquid Nails to the underside of the wood chair mat. Make sure that you don’t apply it too close to the edges or it will squeeze out when you attach the plastic mat. Line the plastic mat up to the wood mat with the “fingers” up and place a weight on the entire system until it dries.

Once it is dry you can use the mat as is or you can add molding around the edges for more of a finished look. The lip from the molding would also keep the chair from rolling off the edge of the wood mat.