How to Make a Wood Lattice Fence

What You'll Need
4 by 8 lattice sheets
4 by 4 posts
2 by 4 posts
1 1/2 inch galvanized screws
1/2 inch galvanized screws
Hole digger
Screw Gun
Ready-Mixed Concrete
Carpenters Level
Paper and Pencil

Building a wood lattice fence is the easiest, cheapest, and best way to create a little privacy. They can be used in your garden as a decorative means for vines to grow around. Lattice fences will keep pets from roaming away while allowing you an outside view. They are made of wooden slats placed diagonally and connected to posts. They are very easy to build and can be a bonding experience for parents and children.

Step 1 – Getting Ready

The first thing you need to do is to measure the area that needs to be fenced. Take note of the measurements on paper and pencil so that you can buy enough posts and lattice sheets. You can change the height of the screens and posts to a desired custom measurement by cutting the standard sized screens and posts with the help of a handsaw. It is always recommended to wear protective clothing when using cutting tools.


Step 2 – Preparing the Posts

Your first step would be to attach a 2 by 4 post to a 4 by 4 post. Put a 2 by 4 post beside a 4 by 4 post and attach them with 1 ½ screws. Use your screw gun to facilitate things. Make sure that the edge of the 2 by 4 is aligned with the top of the 4 by 4 post. Now get another 4 by 4 post and attach it to the other side of the 2 by 4 post in the same way. At this point, you should have one unified post made of 3 posts. Do this with all the other posts.

Step 3 – Attaching the Lattice Screens

Get a unified post and lay the 4 by 8 lattice screen on the 2 by 4 post. Attach them together by using the ½ inch screws and screw gun. Keep on doing this until all screens are attached to the posts to get a complete fence.

 Step 4 – Digging the Holes

Once the posts are attached to the screens, you can start digging holes where your posts will be inserted. Get the hole digger and create 18-inch deep holes for each post. Keep in mind to measure the distance between each post before digging the holes. Make sure to compact the soil at the bottom by using a tamper.

Step 5 – Putting the Fence in Place

By now you should have a complete fence and can go about putting it in place. Your holes should already have been dug up. Now, fill the holes with ready-mixed concrete and place the fence and posts in the holes. Make sure that the posts and fences are placed plumb; you can use a carpenter’s level to be completely sure. Leave the concrete to dry; it generally takes up to 24 hours.

Your wood lattice fence is now ready to be utilized. Remember that you can customize the lattice screens by cutting them down with a handsaw.