How to Make a Wooden Bar Sign

What You'll Need
Hammer and nails
Picture hanging wire
Flat piece of wood for main sign
Paints and paint brushes
Wood burning tool
Sealant or shellac spray or can
Work gloves
Paint primer
Other decorating materials

A wooden bar sign can instantly add some pizazz to your bar area. It is an easy creative project that almost anyone can accomplish. Whether it has your name on its surface or a fun saying, a wooden bar sign can be a conversation piece for any bar. You can make your wooden bar sign as small or as large as you wish, depending on the space you have and what you want it say. You should be able to purchase a piece of natural or naked wood square suitable for a sign at any home improvement or craft store. Many are already pre-cut and ready to be decorated or painted. With a few steps and some inexpensive materials, you can quickly make a wooden bar sign for your viewing pleasure.

Step #1: Prepare Sign

Sand down any rough edges or areas of the flat sign with fine sandpaper making sure all of its sides and surface are smooth. Dust off any wood particles and sandpaper shavings from the sign once it is as smooth as you want.

If you plan to paint the sign, spray or use a paintbrush to cover the wooden bar sign with a paint primer before painting it with the overall color of choice. The primer will allow the final color to adhere better and fill in any grooves or imperfections in the wood.

Step #2: Wood Burning

If you want to spell out a name or a saying, use a wood burning tool to do this prior to the paint primer and final painting. Use caution not to burn your hands and finger or go too deep with the wood burning tool in the wood.

After using the wood burning tool, spray or paint the sign with the desired final color of paint over the entire area that you used the wood burning tool to create the design. Whatever you burned into the wood will stand out even if it is painted over.

Step#3: More Decorating

If you plan to use other forms and/or materials to decorate your wooden bar sign, now is the time to be creative. Draw, or add decals, stickers, photos, or whatever you want to decorate the front of the sign that will hang over the bar area to make it your own.

Before hanging the wooden bar sign, spray or brush on a paint sealant or shellac to complete the sign and give it a shiny, professional experience.

Step #4: Hanging

Turn the sign over once it has dried thoroughly from decorating and/or painting and install a piece of picture framing wire. Use the appropriate screws or hooks that came with the framing kit in order to hang the wooden bar sign.

Hammer a nail in place on the wall or where you want to hang the wooden bar sign. You can also prop your wood bar sign against a wall or shelf of the bar instead of hanging it if you wish.