How to Make a Wooden Sauna Bucket

What You'll Need
Cedar, rose or pine wood

You can create your own spa space in your home and add a home-made wooden sauna bucket to your very own mini spa area. Today, life is fast paced, with barely any time to rest and revive the body. Although visiting a spa is one way to calm your senses and get rid of accumulated stress, it is a luxury that many people can’t afford. Creating your own home spa can be a perfect way of unwinding every single day with minimum cost.

Step 1 - Creating a Space

Find an area in your home that will provide you with privacy and is isolated enough to allow little noise to infiltrate. Decorate the area with perfumed oil bottles, potpourri, scented candles and soothing music. Make sure that the space is uncluttered and painted in subtle tones.

Step 2- Cutting the Wood

You can choose any type of sturdy wood like Cedar, Redwood and pine wood for your sauna bucket. Anything that has a strong woody smell will add to the senses during your relaxation time. The size of you bucket will depend on the size of the space that you have chosen since the room needs to fill with adequate steam. Before you begin your project, ensure that the space you will be working in is safe, navigable and away from children and pets.

Begin by cutting out strips of wood that gradually widened towards the top. You can then saw out a circular piece for the base of your sauna. Make sure that it is large enough to suit your spa space. You can add ready-made copper handles or you can fashion the handles out of your chosen piece of wood. Create two circular rings for the bucket to hold them in place and make them watertight.

Step 3 – Building the Bucket

You can use a sand paper to sand the wood until it is smooth. Take each individual piece of wood and hammer the strips on to the base of the bucket. Make sure that they are close enough to avoid the water from leaking out.

Step 4- Putting the Final Touches

Slip the large ring into place and hammer it in, followed by the smaller ring. This will help ensure that the bucket is now watertight. You can test the sauna bucket by adding water and testing for leaks. There should be ventilation in the room to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the sauna. You can buy a ladle or make it out of the same wood as your sauna bucket to throw water on hot stones to create steam.

Do not attempt to make your own sauna bucket if you are hopeless with carpentry. You can buy reasonably priced sauna buckets in the market or sauna buckets that you can assemble yourself at home with no hassle. To increase the durability of your sauna bucket, avoid leaving water in it for prolonged periods, as this may rot the wood.