How to Make a Wooden TV Stand Part 2 How to Make a Wooden TV Stand Part 2

What You'll Need
3/4 -inch thick wood panels (4)
1 1/2 -inch thick blocks (4)
1 1/2 -inch wood screws
Wood Stain
Paint brush

A wooden TV stand is very easy to assemble. In Part 1 of this series, you took measurements and cut wood to create a simple rectangular stand. Now you will put these pieces together, attach 4 wooden blocks as feet and then, if you like, add shelves between the supporting feet. Follow the simple steps below to complete this easy project.

Step 1 – Assembling the Frame

Once you have cut down all the pieces, you can start assembling the frame of your TV stand. Start by attaching one side panel to the top panel so that you create an L-Shaped bracket. Make  pilot holes for the screws with a drill before attaching the pieces with screws. Insert the 1½0inch screws at least 1 inch apart from each other to create a solid frame.

When you have created an L-Shaped bracket, you can start attaching the other side panel to the bottom panel. At this point, you should have two L-shaped brackets and can now start attaching them together to create a rectangular frame. Again use 1½-inch screws, drill pilot holes and then use the screwdriver to screw the screws in the pilot holes.

Step 2 – Attaching the Supports

When you have a rectangular frame, you can start attaching the feet to the stand. You should place the supporting legs at least 3 inches inwards from the edges. Drive pilot holes in the bottom panel of the stand and in the legs simultaneously (doing each leg separately while holding the leg against the panel in the desired position). Once you have done all the pilot holes, you can start attaching them with the 1½-inch screws and screwdriver.

Step 3 – Finishing Up

By now, you should have a rectangular stand with 4 supporting legs ready, and you can move to the finishing touches. Apply wood stain on the wood to have a uniform color and protection for the wood. Use a paint brush to apply thin layers of stain on each panel, including the supporting legs. Remember that it’s better to have 3 thin layers rather than one thick layer because it is neater and masks any small defects in the wood. Let the wood dry between each consecutive application of wood stain and also before fitting in the television set.

You are now ready to transfer your television set in your tailor-made stand. The end result should be a neat and simple rectangular stand having ample space to add several shelves later on, for better storage facility.

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