How to Make a Woven Fabric Headboard

What You'll Need
Hot glue gun
Glue sticks
Measuring Tape
Marker or fabric pencil

Creating unique changes in decor can start with a simple fabric headboard design. This design project allows for complete creativity. The project utilizes a pre-existing headboard and materials that are easily removed so that you can change things later. It is a great way to utilize items you may already have around the house to create a unique bedroom space. This project will take approximately 2 hours to complete.

Step 1 - Preparing the Fabric

Lay the headboard down on the floor, or on your work area. Place the fabric over the headboard and work out any wrinkles. Begin by deciding what type of pattern you want. For example, you can choose from a diagonal or horizontal weave pattern. Using your measuring tape and marker or fabric pencil, mark off one inch points on the fabric. These are the lines for your strips. Remember that the strips will need to be long enough to overlap around the headboard and secure using hot glue to the back of the headboard.

Step 2 - Cutting Your Fabric

After you have marked off the fabric remove the fabric to a safe cutting area. Cut the fabric in the one inch strips that you marked off earlier. Depending on the size of the headboard and the weave pattern you choose the number of strips will vary. It is best to cut at least one hundred strips and add to that number if necessary.

Step 3 - Do a Dry Run

Before placing and gluing the fabric strips into place it is best to do a dry run of the project. A dry run will allow you to practice the weave pattern and make any alterations necessary before you glue anything down on the fabric. The best method to do this dry run is to perform the fabric weaving on a table, or the floor.

Begin the dry run by laying the fabric strips in one direction to form your weave base. With the base in place, weave the remaining strips in the opposite direction using an over-under pattern through the base strips. When the weave is completed, flip the side you want facing outward so that it is facing the floor. Place the headboard face down so that the face of the weave is facing the floor. Make sure that everything fits, will fold around the headboard and leave enough room to secure the fabric to the headboard.

Step 4 - Secure the Fabric Headboard Weave

Once you are certain the weave pattern fits the headboard, make any  adjustments necessary. Place the fabric headboard weave and headboard as described in step three. Wrap the fabric around the headboard and secure it using the hot glue gun and glue sticks. Allow the glue to dry and set for at least one hour. Check to make sure the fabric is secure and add glue as necessary. Make any additional adjustments and finish securing the fabric to the headboard. You may use small tacks or nails to secure the fabric. Once the weaving is in place and secured to the headboard, you need to place the headboard in place. Simply place the headboard onto the bed frame.