How to Make a Wrought Iron Console Entry Table Frame How to Make a Wrought Iron Console Entry Table Frame

What You'll Need
Large tiles (used for table top)
1 inch square wrought iron tubing
3/4 inch square tubing
3/8 inch square tubing
Flat iron slabs
Measuring tape
Chop saw
Welder and associated safety equipment
Paint/primer if desired

While working with wrought iron to make a console entry table may seem next to impossible, there is actually an easy process behind it, given that you maintain a simple design. Keep things geometric, and you should have no issues at all in the project. Follow the tips below to build your own wrought iron console entry table.

*Note: You may adjust the size of tubing according to your own design. Those are just estimates.

Step 1 - Plan Your Table out

Designing a geometric table is fairly simple. You can essentially build all of your ideas off the size of your tile. For the purpose of this guide, we'll assume you're using 12 inch tile. If you use 3/4 inch tubing for the top of the unit, you will need to have two pieces that are a little over 26 1/4 inches long to cover two tiles and a tube separating them in the center. Give a 1/2 inch extra or so just so you can remove and set in the tile easily. You will also need 2 tubes a little over 13 1/2 inches of the same thickness to complete the outline of the top. Prepare one tube to go in between the two tiles as well, measured out based on the space you have remaining.

You can select the length of the legs as well, but 20 to 24 inches should be about average. Use the 1 inch tubing for this part and plan for four or six pieces of tubing, all the same length.

If there are any other connecting pieces you wish to add, like shelves, decorative linings or cross beams, measure those out and plan accordingly.

Step 2 - Cut the Wrought Iron

Use a chop saw to cut the wrought iron for your table. If you are hesitant about a certain measurement, you may want to assemble a part of the table first and then come back to cut the appropriate length. To ensure that your cuts are the same on pieces that hold the same measurement, you can cut them all at the same time. For the pieces used to outline the top, cut a 45 degree angle on each end.

Step 3 - Weld the Top Together

Lay the outline pieces out so that the 45 degree angles line up and form a rectangle. Weld that all together. Then mark the center and place the center tube where it should go. Weld that together also. Put flat iron pieces in place to hold the tiles on the top.

Step 4 - Weld on the Legs

Weld a flat piece of iron to each corner where a leg will go. Then weld the leg on accordingly. Finish it off with any other pieces you want to add, like the aforementioned shelf or decorative iron.

Step 5 - Assemble

Paint the table if you wish to do that, or just leave it looking rustic. Place your tiles in the top of your table and your project is complete.




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