How to Make an Arch Top Mirror Frame

What You'll Need

If you have a nice mirror, then you may want to frame it properly using something like a arch top mirror frame. These frames are very elegant, with a large point at the top center which gives them the appearance of a medieval arch. There are many of these kinds of mirror frames on sale, but you may want to make your own by building a frame from scratch. While this is not an easy task, the end result is very rewarding, and you will be glad that you designed the arch to your own style. Creating an arch top mirror frame can be done by following a few simple instructions on the cutting and manufacture of the frame.

Step 1 - Make the Back

This can be done with a board, or with a small piece of wood which is thin enough to have nails driven through the backing. Take your mirror, and draw a template on the board using the mirror. Cut it using the saw, leaving a small gap along the edge so that you can screw on your mirror frame. You will also need to leave an arch at the top for the frame to fit into.

Step 2 - Cut the Frame

Take the backing piece, and cut lengths of wood so that you have a bottom and two sides of the frame. Nail or screw these into position using a screwdriver. You should now have the basics of your frame, so place the mirror into the middle. Take two pieces of wood which are as long as the bottom, and position them on the top edge of your backing. You should be able to move them up and down as you choose, so that they fit the area required.

Step 3 - Make the Arch

You should now have the right lengths of wood to make the top of the arch top mirror frame. You can curve the wood so that it forms a circle at the top, or you can leave it as a triangle. The latter is easiest, but will probably not give you the good impact that you could get from creating a circle. Carve the top how you want, and then use nails to hold the two sides of the curve together.

Step 4 - Finishing

Once you have done this, take your arch back to the rest of the frame, and screw it into position on the backing. You should now be able to hang your mirror where you want, situated in an arch frame. These need to be cleaned regularly in order to prevent dust from building up along the top edge, but apart from this you should have an excellent piece of furniture for your room.