How to Make an Area Rug Pad for Latex Floors How to Make an Area Rug Pad for Latex Floors

What You'll Need
Area rug
No-slip rubber
Measuring tape

A latex floor is very slippery which makes an area rug pad a necessary item in the home. The bottom of the rug is coated with a plastic-like material which makes it slippery on latex. The area rug pad is placed under the area rug and prevents slipping from happening. The area rug pad also helps with the softness of the area rug. The article below will show you how to make your own area rug pad to prevent the rug from slipping.

Step 1 – Measuring

The area rug pad needs to be invisible. This means that the area rug pad needs to be smaller than the area rug. Lay the area rug down on a flat surface and then measure its length and width.

Step 2 – Cutting the Area Rug Pad

The rubber acts as a cushion and prevents the rug from moving. It is also easy to cut. Use the measurements you took earlier and then cut the rubber pad  6-inches smaller than what you measured on each side.

Step 3 – Place the Area Rug Pad

Put the rubber area rug pad on the latex floor where the area rug is going to be placed. Center the area rug on top of the pad.

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