How to Make an Attic Vent Cover

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What You'll Need
Oil pencil
Staple gun
Hardware cloth
Wire cutters
Ruler or tape measure

A cover for your attic vent is a necessity. Without a cover, you could experience serious pest problems in your home. These pests could include birds, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and rats. Your vent could also get blocked by debris, thereby losing its effectiveness. Fortunately, making a cover for your attic vent is something that can be done easily and without spending a lot of money.

Step 1—Remove the Vent

The first thing to do is take off the vent itself. More often than not, it is made out of wooden slats.

Step 2—Get Measurements

Once you have successfully removed the vent, put it on the ground. Make sure it is lying on its slats. If the shape of the vent is a rectangle or a square, measure both the width and the length of it. If it is a unusual shape, simply place the hardware cloth over the top of the vent and trace the shape of it with your oil pencil.

Step 3—Cut

With your wire cutters, cut the hardware cloth in the shape of the vent. Make sure that it is right around 1/8 inch smaller than the actual shape that you determined. This will help to keep the actual wire hidden completely underneath the vent whenever you attach it.

Step 4—Attach

With your staple gun, staple the hardware cloth into place on the inside part of the vent. Do this so that the hardware cloth will be able to cover the whole opening of the vent. At the same time, make sure the cloth does not go past the perimeter of the frame of the vent. This is more done for aesthetics than for anything else.

Step 5—Finish Up

Once you have the piece of hardware cloth properly placed over the vent, you are ready to finish. Screw the vent back into place. Make sure that the slats are pointing down. Water will flow back down and onto the ground whenever the slats are facing this way.