How to Make an Electric Guitar Case

What You'll Need
1/4 inch plywood
4 yards of fabric
3 yards of felt
4 brass corner pieces
3 brass latches
3 brass utility hinges
1 hinged handle
Circular saw
Brad dialer
Utility knife
Wood glue
Fabric glue

You’re going on the road to make music and you need an electric guitar case. Depending on the quality you prefer, you could pay as much for a case as you did for the instrument. So why buy an electric guitar case when you can build one yourself? Sounds like an intricate woodworking job, but with patience and attention to detail, you can do it. With that said, it will also save a great deal of your hard earned money.

Step 1 – Measuring the Instrument

Planning is the key to a successful project so it is very important you make measurements of your guitar before you begin. Ensure they are absolutely correct. Determine the length from the base of the body to the tip of the neck and the width at the guitar’s widest point. Also measure the depth of the guitar from the surface of the strings to the bottom of the body. Plan to build the case rectangular about two inches larger on all sides than the guitar and about an inch deeper.

Step 2 – Cutting the Design

With a circular saw, trim the plywood to the proper size for the top and bottom of the case, along with four edges. Rip a half-inch off each edge piece to use in constructing a lid for the case. You will end up with 10 pieces of wood altogether.

Step 3 – Construct the Box

Now comes the actual construction part. Run a bead of glue along the edge of each piece of wood and use the brad nailer to assemble the top and bottom. Cut the cloth fabric into 2 rectangles that will wrap around the box and over the interior edge. Spray the back side of each piece of fabric and carefully wrap the case and lid with the fabric. Work slowly from one end to the other, pressing out any air bubbles or wrinkles. Carefully tuck the corners and trim the inside edges.

Step 4 – Adding the Foam Form

With the utility knife, trim the shape of the guitar from the center of the Styrofoam form. Remove the interior, and cut the edges so the foam form fits into the case. Loosely cover it with felt and glue it to the bottom of the electric guitar case. Before the glue firms, smooth the felt into the impression of the guitar on the bottom of the case.

Step 5 – Installing the Hardware

Fasten the eight corner pieces on all edges of the case with small screws. Attach the lid placing hinges at the center and 3 inches from each end of the case. Add the 3 latches to the lid and body of the case, and place the handle in the center of the bottom half of the case. You are ready to travel. Fit the instrument into your new electric guitar case and you are ready to go.