How to Make An Environmentally Friendly Mold Cleaning Solution at Home

What You'll Need
Laundry detergent
Clear, warm water
Cleaning cloths
A clean bucket
2clean spray bottles
A clean scrub brush
A clean toothbrush
Dust mask
Permanent marker

A simple, effective and inexpensive mold cleaning solution can be made at home and will combat this dangerous problem that is found in many households today. Increased humidity found indoors can cause mold to grow. The first presence of it should be treated immediately before it spreads.   

    Step 1 – Thorough Inspection for Mold

    Inspect your entire home for mold  Mold grows in warm, humid conditions and can be found in any type of environment, inside and out.  When inspecting your home, look for thread-like growths or small black specks. Common places where you might find mold are rooms with high water use and humidity such as bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements. Be sure to check any areas where water damage may have occurred. Mold can also be found growing inside exterior walls and behind any objects that are found in close proximity to walls.

    Step 2 – Control Mold Growth

    Repair all water leaks. Open windows to increase the ventilation and the circulation of fresh air in your home. Move large objects away from walls. 

    Step 3 – Mixing Cleaning Solution

    For safety purposes, use gloves when mixing the mold cleaning solution. Combine 1/4 cup of bleach with 1 quart of warm water in a bucket. Pour the bleach mixture into one of the clean spray bottles then label the bottle with a permanent marker. Clean bucket of any of the bleach mixture in order to use it make the borax mixture. Combine 1 cup of borax with 1 quart of warm water in the bucket. Pour the mixture into the other clean spray bottle then label the bottle with the permanent marker. Clean the bucket once again.

    Step 4 - Cleaning Mold Areas

    Close the door to the room you are cleaning and open all windows. Use gloves and a dust mask while working in the area to protect yourself from health problems. Mix together laundry detergent and warm water in the bucket. Use the cleaning cloths to apply the detergent solution to the mold area. Scrub the area with either a toothbrush or scrub brush depending on the size of the area.

    Step 5 - Applying Mold Cleaning Solution

    Bleach can fade or change color so be careful to test areas before applying the fully amount of cleaning solution. If the area is not affected by the bleach solution continue the cleaning process. Spray area with bleach mixture then scrub. Wait 20 minutes and repeat. Wait 20 more minutes. Spray area with borax mixture. Do not rinse. Be sure to carefully clean any brushes or cloths used and to properly discard any moldy material.

    Step 6 – Prevention

    The presence of mold in your home can be decrease by lowering the humidity levels with the use of an air conditioner, dehumidifier and exhaust fan. Be sure to ventilate and circulate the air inside by opening windows whenever possible. If it is possible, remove any of the carpet you have in your bathroom and basement. Regular vacuuming and cleaning with the mold cleaning solution should alleviate any mold problems you may have.