How to Make an Ice Luge for Your Party

Ice luge is one of the quickest ways to get your favorite shots chilled and also the coolest ways to serve drinks at pool parties, birthdays, BBQs or weekend festivities. An ice luge stand holds firmly onto a significantly sized block of ice which has 2 channels carved on it. A typically measured amount of liquid is poured down at the top of the channels and is poured into an awaiting mouth at the bottom. It’s quite an attractive feature that you should possess if you intend on being a popular, entertaining and fun host. Use the tools and materials mentioned below according to the steps explained and go about making your ice luge without any considerable difficulty.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Block of ice
  • Chain saw
  • Magic marker
  • Blowtorch/carving tool
  • Hammer (optional)
  • Warm water
  • Table
  • Tarp

Step 1 - Purchase the Ice

Determine the length of your desired channel and get a sufficiently sized block of ice which goes in line with the dimensions you require. You can easily find this block over the Internet or from your nearest supplier which can be located using the Yellow Pages. 

Step 2 - Cut your Ice 

Cut your block at 30 to 45 degrees angle with the help of a chain saw. This angle will assure that there is a slope present on your ice block which will enable the liquid poured at the top to flow downwards. 

Step 3 - Sketch the Route 

Ice luge usually contains two specific paths so as to allow two people to get served at the same time. Sketch out the possible routes of the channels to be carved in your block with the help of a magic marker. You don’t necessarily require a specific shape or route for you path but it is generally advised that the path should not be too curvy or else the liquid will take quite some time to cover the path and get to the drinker’s mouth. 

Step 4 - Carve your Channels 

There is more than a single way to go about carving your channels. The easiest one is using a blowtorch or a carving tool to dig down a channel along the sketch you drew which is about 1/2 to 1 inch in depth. If you are using a hammer then see to it that you don’t strike the ice too hard and use it with thorough caution or you may split the entire block apart causing the ice to disintegrate into pieces.

Step 5 - Pour Water

To get rid of any irregularities or creases on your path, pour down warm water into the carved channels. Also carve lips at the bottom end of your ice luge so that there is a particular point where the drinker can place his mouth. 

Step 6 - Position the Luge on a Table 

For the ease of use, place your ice lube on a strong table so as to provide it with a stable footing and position it at an elevated footing. Before you place your ice luge on the table, do cover your stand with a tarp so as to maintain the aesthetic appearance and functionality of your table in the future. Test your customized ice luge with one person holding it for you and another one pouring liquids down. Once its stability and safety has been checked and established, feel free to use it.