How to Make an Indoor Cat Climbing Tree How to Make an Indoor Cat Climbing Tree

What You'll Need
Paper and pencil
Measuring tape
Roll of natural fiber rope
Dried catnip
Shelf brackets
Wood glue

Making a cat climbing tree is not a difficult task and it will serve for a good purpose since cats will have their own place to climb and scratch rather than ruining furniture in your house. Some may think that this is a luxury item and not really necessary, but studies show that it is very beneficial for your domestic cat especially to indoor only cats.

Step 1: Design the Cat Climbing Tree

First draw a sketch of the cat climbing tree you would like to build. This may vary in size and shape, depending on the number of cats you have and the place you will place it in. You will find it helpful to list the materials required depending on the measurements you will apply.

Step 2: Purchase the Materials Needed

Once you have planned it, you then need to purchase the materials required to build it. Try to choose wood which is easy to cut and use. Plywood is usually best. Make sure you buy some extra wood to allow for allowance. 

Step 3: Cut the Wood

Start by cutting the wood panels you bought according to the dimensions you recorded. Cut the flat parts, that is the base and the shelves.

Step 4: Wrap the Post In Natural Fiber Rope

Wrap the center post in natural fiber rope. This is ideal for the cats’ claws to grasp to, while climbing. You can also apply some dried catnip to the rope as this has the features which encourage scratching.

Step 5: Attach the Center Post

Drill holes on the wood part which will serve as the supporting base for the center post.  Then mount the center post to it using screws.

Step 6: Attach the Supporting Base To The Climbing Tree Base

Attach the supporting base with the post mounted on it to the climbing tree base by using screws. This will serve as an extra secure fixture since there will be two bases mounted on each other to support the center post and the shelves which will be mounted later. It will also help the climbing tree to retain balance since the cats will climb somewhat haphazardly and vigorously.

Step 7: Attach the shelves

At this point, your next step is to start attaching each shelf to the center post, starting first with the bottom shelf. Fix a shelf bracket in an elongated L-shaped design so that you will then be able to fix each shelf more securely.

Step 8: Fix a Tube

Besides shelves it is a good idea to fix one or more tubes as these are can be used by the cats as hiding places. These can be easily bought at hardware stores and you can then adjust them according to the desired length by cutting with a saw. These can be stuck to the side of the center post by using wood glue.

By following these guidelines you can make an indoor cat climbing tree for your cats’ delight with little money and effort.

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