How to Make an Infinity Mirror

tangled rope lights
What You'll Need
Shadowbox frame
Mirror, the size of the shadowbox
80-percent reflective film
LED rope
Electric drill
1/16 inch bit
Staple gun
Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
Glass cleaner

An infinity mirror is simply a regular mirror with a strand of lights that snake infinitely. While some of these mirrors are used in magic sets or haunted houses, infinity mirrors are also great for home decor. Plus, they’re simple and inexpensive to build when you follow this article’s directions.

Step 1 – Readying the Shadowbox

While you can build your own shadowbox over the weekend, it’s easier to purchase one for this project. If you do decide to make your own, consider how different woods will create different results.

Once you have the shadowbox, carefully remove the back of it, and set it to the side. The glass in the shadowbox should pop out easily with slight pressure. Do not break the glass. If you do break the glass, you will have to find another pane to replace it.

Step 2 – Adding Reflective Film

Glass isn’t reflective. Therefore, you will need to use an additional piece of reflective film to achieve the desired results. You can find this paper at your local craft store or online. Clean each side of the glass, and then place a sheet of reflective film on a flat surface.

Outlining and Trimming the Film

Place the glass pane on top of the reflective sheet, and then use a market to outline the glass. Trim along the outline carefully. Then, remove the backing from the reflective film and apply it to the glass. As you lay the piece down, smooth it out to remove any creases or bubbles.

Step 3 – Installing the Rope

Measure the inside of the shadow box, and cut the LED light to match the measurements. Test-fit the rope inside the box, and trim as needed. Decide which end the cord will be positioned at, and then drill a hole in the box. Place the power cord inside the hole and attach it to the rope light. Staple it into place.

Step 4 – Gluing the Rope

Now, replace the pane of glass you removed earlier, but make sure that the side covered in reflective film is facing the inside of the shadowbox. Use a hot-glue gun and glue sticks to affix the light rope to the inside of the shadowbox. Work slowly, and in small sections.

Step 5 – Finishing Your Infinity Mirror

Instead of replacing the wood backing, place the mirror in its place, with the reflective side facing inward. Plug the light in, and enjoy your new infinity mirror. Use the rules of feng shui to hang it in a place that will bring you comfort and get rid of negative energy.