How to Make a Leather iPod Case How to Make a Leather iPod Case

What You'll Need
Thick soft leather
Transparent tape
Thick thread
Large sewing needle or sewing machine
Sharp knife or safety blade

A good-quality, leather, iPod case costs quite a lot of money, but an iPod is worthy of high-quality protection. A cover not only protects it from damage it could sustain in a fall but from getting dirty and smudged. You know you need a case, but what if you also know you don't want to pay retail for one? It takes very little time or money to make your own (and that goes for your iPod speakers, as well).

Step 1—Assemble Materials

Buy good-quality, thick leather. This won’t cost much, as you only need a ¼ yard, which is about 9 square inches. For thread, use the kind found in jewelry. It comes in different colors, and you can get it from a custom jewelry shop or craft store. While you're at the craft store, get a thick needle, unless you already have a heavy-duty sewing machine, in which case you won’t need it. For the pattern, simply trace your iPod onto the piece of leather.

    Step 2—Cut

    Place the pattern on the material and hold it down with tape. Cut as indicated, using a good pair of heavy-duty scissors, a sharp knife, or a safety blade. Cut 2 identical pieces of the leather 2–3 inches bigger than the pattern. Confirm that your pattern is the right size for your iPod—not too loose, not too tight.

    Step 3—Sew

    Before sewing the sides of the leather together, hem the upper, or open, part of the case for a tidy finish. Then, sew the 2 pieces together, either with the sewing machine or using needle and thread. Use the thimble to push the needle through the leather.

    You can do the stitching in two ways. The first is to sew the 2 pieces right side facing each other and then turn the whole thing right side out. This will give you a pouch-like cover with the stitching inside it. The second method is to have the stitching showing on the outside, with the thread a different color from the leather for contrast.

    If you're leaving the stitching inside, don’t forget to trim the sides quite close to the stitches. If you're letting the stitches show, leave about ½ inch, so as to create a contrasting pattern.

      Step 4—Finish

      Fashion a piece of leftover leather into a loop and stitch it to the back of the case. Decorate the case any way you wish, with beads, studs, or other elements. Now, whether you intend to use this yourself or give it as a DIY gift, you have something that is both less expensive than its store-bought counterpart and of greater quality—a win-win situation!

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