How to Make an Old Bowl into a New Vessel Sink How to Make an Old Bowl into a New Vessel Sink

What You'll Need
Electric drill
Masonry bit
Waterproof epoxy
Pedestal enclosure
Paint or stain

A vessel sink is the stylish approach to stainless steel sinks. The vessel sink is seated inside a hole on a pedestal where the plumbing is stored. The cost of a vessel sink borderlines on the extreme as they are mostly made from granite or limestone and other more expensive materials. You can find a pedestal to use or build one yourself but the actual sink is a little trickier to find and work with. One solution is to use a bowl as the vessel sink. Bowls are commonly made out of clay or porcelain which make them perfect to use as a vessel sink. The article below will show how a vessel sink can be created out of a bowl.

Step 1 – Create the Pedestal

The actual pedestal on which the sink rests is very simple to construct. Determine the height and width you want the vessel sink to be and trim the wood to those measurements. You will want a base so the vessel sink will be stable. The pedestal will simply be four pieces of wood nailed together to create a vertical rectangle. The vessel sink will rest on top so use the saw to trim curves in to the wood until the bowl sits snugly. Remove the center of the base to have access to the inside of the pedestal. This will allow for the pipes. If the pedestal is large enough the faucet can also be run through the body of the pedestal otherwise it will run along the back.

Step 2 – Create the Vessel Sink

The sink itself needs to have a water filter but to do this you need to make a hole. The pipe will come up from the pedestal and fit inside the hole in the bowl. Use the diameter of the pipe as a guide to the holes you need to make. Choose a masonry drill bit that is slightly larger than the diameter of the pipe. Turn the bowl upside down and determine the center position. Install the drill bit and begin drilling the hole from the bottom of the bowl. It is a good idea to enlist the help of someone to spray down the bowl and the drill bit so that the heat and force does not cause damage to the bowl or the drill.

Step 3 – Assembling the Vessel Sink

Install the pipe inside the pedestal and use waterproof epoxy around it. Place the bowl on top of the pedestal to allow the drain pipe to come through the center hole you drilled. Use a marker and trace the circumference of the pipe that is poking out of the pedestal and cut the pipe along this line. Place waterproof epoxy along the inside of the hole of the bowl and along the pedestal where the bowl rests. Replace the bowl and press down and wipe away any epoxy that spread out too far. Place the water filter inside the bowl.

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