How to Make an Outdoor Spa Cover

What You'll Need
Material for Cover
Measuring Tape
Wood Blocks
Box cutter
Vinyl Strips

An outdoor spa cover is important for many more reasons than as a mere decoration item. If you have purchased that dream spa of yours and are worried about the dust particles and leaves falling into it to make it dirty to look at, then here is a simple guide to help you build a simple outdoor spa cover. Making it at home is more economical over buying a market made cover and also serves to keep your spa clean while allowing room for personal creativity.

Step 1: Measuring

Use a measuring tape to note the length and width of the spa. In case you have a spa tub that is not symmetrical, take the measurements of the tub diameter and the perimeter of its base too. As a precaution add an extra 3 or 2 inches to the length of the side before proceeding.

Step 2: Foaming

Buy a water proof tent cover fabric or tarpaulin from a hardware store that is at least one foot greater in length than the tub dimensions. Make sure that the spa cover is glued to at least 2 pound dense foam for the purposes of insulation. However using the foam is not compulsory.

 Step 3: Cutting Out the Cloth

Size up the cloth according to the measurements calculated in the first step. A canvas scissor or a box cutter could aid you in doing this smoothly. Now take the tarp and use an adhesive to stick it over the foam that you have to cut out in the manner described above. At the rims of the tarp, apply sealing tape and staple it securely.

Step 4: Attaching the Cover

Buy some strips of any material like vinyl from the hardware store and attach this to all the corners of the cover you made. Firmly place it over the spa tub and press it down using the strips. This can be used as a great outdoor spa cover. Keep in mind that the cover does not blow off due to the strong breeze.

Step 5: Alternative Procedure

Another alternative for making a spa cover meant to fit a plain symmetrical shaped tub is easy. Measure the length of all the sides the tub has. Purchase 2 by 2 inch wood boards that are waterproof and pressure treated, of the same length as the tub sides. Fix this on to the sides of the tub by using wood adhesive. After these are set up, attach the cover to hooks. The hooks may be drilled into the ends of the wood sides with the help of small screws. When you wish to take the cover off, simply pull it off from the hooks. This is relatively more convenient than using vinyl strips as the latter needs frequent replacements in every six months or so. Finally, you could decorate the cover in the way you want. Stick on stylish waterproof stickers on to the tarp. You could even sew some lace at the sides to enhance the look of your home made outdoor spa cover.