How to Make an RV Air Conditioner Cover

What You'll Need
Padded vinyl
Measuring tape
Mesh screen
Half moon hole punch
Strong glue
Magnets or Velcro

An RV air conditioner cover is crucial in keeping the unit safe and in good working order every time you use it. Anything from dirt, bugs and low tree limbs can damage the air conditioner. The RV air conditioner cover can be on the air conditioner at the same time the air conditioner is in use. These covers can cost a lot of money but you can also make one yourself.

Step 1 – Measurements

Air conditioners vary depending on the model of the RV you own so you need to take measurements of the unit that is installed in yours. Use the measuring tape and begin by measuring the face of the air conditioner. You need to take down the length and width of the unit. Next, measure the depth of the unit. This is the only information you need to make your RV air conditioner cover.

Step 2 – Cut the Vinyl

You will want to cut the vinyl on the padded side as the other side is the side facing out. Use the ruler and transfer the measurement of the face of the air conditioner making sure you connect the lines. Next, transfer the measurement of the depth of the air conditioner on to the vinyl. You will be left with what looks like a square with flaps. Use the scissors to carefully cut the pattern out of the vinyl. Fold the flaps in and crease them as best you can. What makes the RV air conditioner cover work so well are vent holes. Use the half moon hole punch to create several on the vinyl. A dozen holes should be good. The half moon hole punch only creates half a hole so you will be left with a flap.

Step 3 – Wire Mesh

The wire mesh is an integral part of this project because it allows airflow but prevents bugs and other debris from getting inside the air conditioner. Use the same measurements as you did previously to cut the vinyl and transfer them to the mesh. Cut the mesh as you did the vinyl but with an additional ¼-inch all around to account for folding.

Step 4 – Combine the Materials

With both pieces cut out you can then create your RV air conditioner cover. Use the strongest glue that you can find and apply it to the edges of the vinyl. Place the mesh on top of the vinyl and center it. Before the glue sets fold the flaps. The mesh will slide to become even with the vinyl. Once the glue has dried you can trim the mesh. Add a bead of glue across the mesh avoiding the holes you made.

Step 5 – Using the RV Air Conditioner Cover

Glue on strips of magnets or Velcro along the edges of the flaps. Place their opposites on to the sides of the air conditioner. The RV air conditioner cover slides over the air conditioner and attaches to the Velcro or the magnets.