How to Make an Upright Piano Cover

What You'll Need
Fabric for piano cover
Sewing machine
Fabric pencil
Straight pins

Purchasing a piano is an investment that you will want to protect by using a piano cover. These covers can become expensive depending on the size of the piano you bought. If you have some simple sewing skills you can save yourself money by making a patio cover yourself and the article below will show you how.

Step 1 – Measurements

Since pianos can vary greatly in size and shape so you will need to take the measure of the piano you need to the cover for. The shape of the piano is unique which means accurate measurements are very important. Look at the piano as though it is a box and measure it from the longest and widest sides. Also determine the piano’s height by measuring from the floor to the top of the piano. The keyboard section of the piano is measured independently. It is easier to measure the keyboard in sections.

Step 2 – Fabric

The piano cover should be made out of fabric that has some give to it and can be worked with easily. Fabrics that have some give or stretch them are ideal for a piano cover. Try to avoid stiff or thick materials such as denim, vinyl or leather because they are difficult to sew and can break needles. You will also need muslin to use as a template for the piano cover. Multiple the length and width of the piano and add to it the height multiplies by 4. This will give you a total amount of square footage. Keep in mind that 1 yard is equal to 3 feet.

Step 3 – Make the Template

Cut the muslin to the measurements you took previously. Close the top of the piano and the keyboard and then drape the muslin over the piano. Smooth out the muslin and trace the shape of the piano with a fabric pen. Mark the bottom of the piano and draw a line where the muslin curves around the features of the piano. Press the muslin into the features of the keyboard and draw a line to mark its shape. Include the front of the piano. Pull the muslin off the piano and trim it along the drawn lines. These pieces make up the template for the piano cover.

Step 4 – Sew the Piano Cover

Put the piano cover fabric face down and the muslin pieces on top of it. Trace the pieces and then trim them out of the fabric. Create a 5/8-inch seam along the bottom of the side pieces and pin it up and then sew. Use the straight pins and connect the pieces together and sew. Bring the sides toward the center and pin them and then sew. Sew the keyboard pieces together and attach it to the center section with more straight pins and then sew it to the main section. You can now turn the piano cover inside out and slip it over the piano.