How to Make and Cut Crown Molding Pt.1 How to Make and Cut Crown Molding Pt.1

What You'll Need
Router bits
Measuring tape

If you want to cut crown molding, keep in mind that the difficulty depends on the complexity of the design. A simple molding pattern will take less time and less router bits to make than a more elaborate pattern. In case you are not familiar with crown molding, this is the wooden frame between the walls and ceiling of a room.

Step 1 – Taking the Measurements

Before you start making the molding, first think about the measurement. In most cases, the size of a crown molding varies between 2 inches and 2 feet, whereas the width can vary from 4 to 5 inches. Decide the measurements according to your likings and the dimensions of the room.

After taking the measurements of the room, add an extra ten feet of hardwood to it. You will use the extra wood for testing purposes. Keep in mind that the length of wood needed (with the extra 10 feet excluded) will be equal to the room’s perimeter.

Step 2 – Finding Patterns and Designs

Take a look in design magazines for some ideas about crown molding patterns. Make sure that the design you choose matches the crown molding designs that you already have in the house, such as photograph frames and antique furniture. However, you can also decide to make your own crown molding design, but keep in mind that this will take more time and work.

Step 3 – Selecting the Material

It is now time to purchase the material for your crown molding. The best wood that you can use for this purpose is hardwood. There are several types of hardwood that you can choose, such as maple, cherry and oak. In case you want to paint the molding after you finish, it is much better if you use softwood instead, such as fir and pine.

Keep in mind that softwood is cheaper than hardwood, but hardwood is ideal for staining. If you decide that your crown molding should have a thickness of 2 inches and a width of 5 inches, procure the wood at a home improvement store in pre-cut boards.

Step 4 – Choosing the Router Bits

There are many router bits that you can utilize in making a crown molding. If you want to make a new molding that resembles an existing one, you must find the router bit that is similar to the markings on the molding. Remember that you need more than one router bit to make a crown molding that has a complex design.

Step 5 – Practicing with the Router

Cut a wooden strip out of the extra ten feet of wood that you have bought. If the strip is five feet long, it would be enough. First, try making the molding’s basic design and then elaborate later on. In most moldings, the basic design looks like a curve that cuts deeply into the center.

Connect the curved bit to the router and try to make the curve in. Once you get it right, attempt the other curves. Make sure that you get the curve as good as you want it to be before you try to make a more complex curve.


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