How to Make and Use a Humane Mouse Trap

Mouse problems can be common in urban areas, where mice move into homes through gaps in the foundations or in the brickwork. Rodents are never pleasant house guests, but people still feel unhappy about using a regular trap to catch and kill mice; many would prefer a way of trapping the mouse and then releasing. The humane mouse trap has gained popularity in recent years, but can be expensive. Here are a few inexpensive ideas on how to capture a mouse humanely.

Toilet Roll Tube

A simple way of catching a mouse is to use a toilet roll tube, and bend to make a square tube. Attach this to a trash can, tall enough to prevent the mouse from climbing out. A deep bucket will also work well. Balance a treat on a shelf, with the treat at the furthest end.

Set up the cardboard tunnel in a suitable place. If necessary, connect the tunnel to the ground or table with a small ‘ramp’ made from the side of a cornflakes packet. Leave overnight. As an alternative solution, bait the tunnel on the floor, and wait nearby with a plastic bowl large enough to fit over the tunnel. As the mouse is eating, put the bowl over the tube and you will catch the mouse.

Mailing Tube Trap

Another method is to use a long mailing tube, and place peanuts or crackers at the bottom of the tube. Leave it on the floor near to where the mouse has been spotted. When the mouse starts eating peanuts, creep over and put a lid over the end of the tube and flip upright. Take into the garden, lay the tube down, and remove the lid so that the mouse can leave.

Soda Bottle Trap

Make a humane mouse trap from a soda bottle by cutting the top off of a large 2-liter bottle. Cut a second ring about 2 inches down, and then put the cut-off top into the base of the bottle, so that it sits suspended like a funnel at the top of the bottle. Tape the top in place, using tape to fix around the edge of the bottle and make it safe. Cut a square of cardboard, enough for the bottle to be positioned upon, so that the mouse will not knock the bottle over. Tape the bottle to the cardboard square.

Place some grain into the bottle through the funnel, and then place the bottle in an area where the mouse has been seen. Leave. The mouse will squeeze through the gap to eat the grain (or peanuts) but will not be able to get back through the hole – trapping it inside. In the morning, take the mouse bottle outside, and remove the top of the bottle. Place on the ground, and allow the mouse to run off naturally.