How to Make Antique Doll Clothes

What You'll Need
Clothe patterns
Sewing machine
Fabric tape measure

Being able to make your own antique doll clothes is something that will help you keep your collection of priceless dolls looking good after many years. Like any other type of doll, the fun in owning them is to dress them up once in a while. Giving your antique doll collection a fresh set of clothing, in the antique style, will keep the dolls looking fresh and new. Making our own antique doll clothes is not any more difficult than making regular doll clothes. Here are some steps to take to create great, timeless, antique doll clothes. 

Step 1 - Choose Your Pattern

Depending on the type of antique doll that you are making clothes for, you will need to choose an appropriate pattern to work from. The patterns are important to giving some details in the dimensions and how to make the seams for the different pieces. There are plenty of hobby stores, or online retailers, that have great patterns for sale. 

Step 2 - Measure Doll

If you have a specific pattern for the doll that you own, then you will not need to take this step. However, for most antique dolls you will need to measure them for the correct dimensions. Measure much in the same what that you would a person in making clothes. 

Step 3 - Choose the Fabric

When choosing the fabric for your antique doll clothes you want to think about the doll itself and what type of character it is. Is it a male or female doll? Are they doing a specific job? What time period clothes do they need? Choose the fabric based on these questions. Remember to purchase some extra fabric in the event that there are any mistakes in the cutting and sewing phase. 

Step 4 - Cut Your Fabric

Before you start to assemble any of the antique doll clothes, you should cut the fabric according to the pattern that you have. This means making sure the lace is the right size, the dress pattern is ready, and the material for an apron, socks, or even small gloves are cut and ready to sew. Do your work on a flat work area, that is well lit, and with a sharp pair of scissors. 

Step 5 - Sew the Clothes Together

This is the part of the process that will take the most time. After the fabric is cut, follow the pattern direction in sewing them together. Using a sewing machine for the larger parts will be much easier, but you should be careful to make sure that the stitching is period authentic. Antique doll collectors will look at things like stitching on the clothes when they look a doll over prior to purchase. Follow the pattern, make any embellishments that you feel fit the doll, and sew the clothing together.

Step 6 - Press Clothes Prior to Fitting

After the clothes have been sewn, turn them inside out and press them with an iron. If you are working on a period dress, make sure to keep the pleats in the dress. Fit them on the doll and make any type of alterations that may be needed.