How to Make Arched Top Window Treatments

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What You'll Need

If you have arched windows at the top of a room, then you may need to make some arched top window treatments. Arched windows come in many different varieties, from the round-top to the pointed arch. Any of these varieties are pleasant to look at, but you may find that they allow too much light into your room. You can only do so much to prevent light from getting into the top of the window using ordinary curtains, and you may need to perform different arched top window treatments to completely shut out the sun. This is not a very complicated project, and you should be able to manage to complete it easily enough.

Step 1 - Paper Shades

The most basic kind of shades for your window is the paper shade. These are not very good at keeping bright light out, but if you just need a bit of protection from the sun, they are cheap, cheerful and within budget. Begin by laying out a few sheets of A3 paper, and then gluing straws to the edges of the paper. Fold it in half and glue another straw at the fold. Repeat until you have a folded arch-like shape. Leave to dry, and then you can tack the paper to the edge of your window frame. Tack the straws together to keep the fan-shape for extra decoration.

Step 2 - Fabric Shades

Make sure you have enough fabric to cover the arched top of your window, plus around 6-inches. Use a needle and thread to hem the edge of the fabric, sewing tightly around the sides. If you wish to pleat the shade, you can increase the size of the fabric to around double the length of the window. Pleated shades are an attractive feature in a home, so if you can make them, you should add pleats to the top of your window. Once you have finished sewing, attach tacks to each side of the window frame, and wrap loose yarn from the fabric around the tack. Tighten to pull the shade into position.

Step 3 - Add Blinds

You can also add a range of blinds or shutters to your window. These can be bought at most home improvement stores. Honeycomb blinds are a great feature, so long as you have the space either side of your window for these kinds of treatments. On the other hand, you may wish to install shutters as a window treatment.

Use your screwdriver to assemble the pieces of the kit on the floor, and then add the frames to the edge of the window. Mount either the shades or the shutters onto the frame, and screw into place. These kinds of shades come in a range of options, from the fabric blind to the aluminum shade which can open and close as necessary. One of these types of blinds options may suit you very well.